Which mattress to buy ? -Everything you need to know before buying a Mattress

which mattress to buy Thinking of buying a mattress but not sure which is the best option for you? Buying a cheap or high-quality mattress is not a decision to be made lightly. Many people make the mistake of buying the first cheap mattress they find only to find that they rushed into their purchase , waking up in pain and feeling tired throughout the day. Knowing which mattress to choose is a decision that must be studied well before taking it lightly.

The quality of your sleep is not something to be overlooked. The impact it will have on our day to day is much greater than people imagine, as it will directly affect our daily performance and our health in the short and long term and possible back pain.

What mattress to choose?

Therefore, the purchase of a good mattress is a determining factor for our health and that of our family. Which is why here we will be explaining how to buy a mattress or the characteristics that you should keep in mind before purchasing one.

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Before buying a mattress, research should be done in order to determine which is the best option that suits our needs and characteristics. But not everyone has the time and the necessary knowledge on the subject.

That is why we have decided to create this guide analyzing all the options and features that exist in the current market so that you are 100% correct in your choice

What to know before buying a mattress?

What mattress do I buy? How to buy a mattress that suits me? You must ask yourself …

Before embarking on the adventure of choosing any mattress, you should ask yourself and analyze what the exact needs and characteristics are for you

  • Do you prefer a soft mattress or a firm one?
  • Do you move a lot at night?
  • Do you sleep alone or accompanied?
  • Do you live in a very humid and hot place?

All of these questions are factors that will help you determine the right type of mattress for you.

So let’s go through steps so that you can be sure that you choose an ideal mattress for you

What is the ideal mattress size for you?

Size is the first important factor to consider when choosing a mattress

It is also important to determine if you sleep alone / alone or accompanied / a since this will determine what type of size you should focus on looking. Even so, there are different sizes available for both single and double beds.

Knowing which bed to buy will be determined mainly by whether you sleep alone or alone. A single mattress  that is about 3 feet wide will suffice; If you sleep with a couple, the double bed must have a minimum width of 150 centimeters so that both can rest; If you have children and you want them to be able to get on the bed with their parents at some point, then the best type of mattress would be a queen or king size mattress with a minimum width of 200 centimeters.

. The most recommended thing is that the mattress measures between 10 and 15 centimeters more than the people who will sleep on it , so if there are two people, the highest one should be taken as a reference.

Regarding the thickness, it must have a minimum thickness of 15 centimeters so that it can guarantee a quality rest.

 Individual mattress

The standard measure of a single bed is usually with a 90 × 190 mattress or a 90 × 200 mattress , thus ensuring that the person can move comfortably, turn and accommodate without running out of space. Ideal for a single person, a teenager or for a guest room with little space

Marriage Mattress

However, for beds, the standard are mattresses 150 × 190 although there are other measures such as mattress 135 × 180 , mattress 140 × 200 , mattress 180 × 200 , mattress 160 × 200 , mattress 200 × 200 or mattress 135 × 190 . It is important to measure the room in which it will be used in order to correctly determine the appropriate size.

Not all double mattresses are the same size, so it is very important to make sure that you have the right measurements so that you can enter the room without having to remove any furniture.

King Size mattress

King size mattresses are the largest, their measurements are usually 200 cm wide x 200 cm high , ensuring that the mattress has enough space for more than two people. These are useful in cases where you have a large family and you want your children to also be able to lie on the mattress, either to watch movies with the family or for those nights when the children are afraid.

🚫 Trick to ensure that a double mattress has enough space

The fact that two people lie on a double mattress does not mean that it has enough space for them to sleep comfortably.

🚫To ensure that both people have enough space to sleep well, you can both lie on the mattress facing the ceiling and put your hands under your head with your elbows out to the side. If the elbows bump and won’t fit, that means the bed doesn’t have enough room for two people who don’t want to sleep tight.

Different materials

Today a wide variety of materials can be found in mattresses.

It is a very personal decision as it will depend on the tastes and comforts of each one. There are people who rest deeply in memory foam beds , while others have the sensation of feeling too sunken and trapped and prefer something else like latex or even springs

However, nowadays large manufacturers have chosen to manufacture from a combination of several materials in order to offer to take advantage of the best advantages of each of them. In these cases, the difference lies in the order in which these layers have been combined depending on the personal taste of each one.

If you are still not sure what type of material to choose, you can check our article on whether to choose a memory foam or spring mattress .

The bultex mattress has become a very good option since it is made of different materials that can make you have a more pleasant rest.

Below we offer you more details about the different types that you can buy as well as their advantages and disadvantages.


The spring mattresses are especially recommended for people who live in very hot regions or heatedly easily. This is because the springs provide better ventilation .

Spring mattresses have also shown to be especially useful and effective in double and larger beds, since they can provide independence in movements , so that the movement of a couple does not affect much or nothing to the person who is asleep. his side.

These mattresses are usually composed of a network of springs covered by different layers that serve to isolate and increase the comfort they provide. Depending on the number of layers, the material from which they are made and the thickness of each one of them, the degree of comfort and firmness of a mattress is established.

It should also be taken into account there are different types of springs , although experts and the market have verified that those that give the best results are those that use pocket springs . These are so named because each of the springs is protected by an individual cover, ensuring that they adapt better to the pressure exerted by the body, guaranteeing better support for the back and avoiding any possible noise when moving.

Some spring mattresses are covered in latex, memory foam or cotton, so before choosing which mattress to buy, take a good look at what layers it has and how it is distributed to ensure that the springs function optimally.


  • These mattresses usually offer a longer useful life, and can last between 12 and 15 years if they are well maintained.
  • They have a medium-high firmness, being excellent for people who sleep on their backs.
  • Thanks to their firmness, they are also highly recommended for large or overweight people.


  • They do not tend to conform very well to people’s bodies, except when they have a viscoelastic top layer that is at least 3 cm thick.


Memory foam is the best material for those who are looking for a mattress that can be adapted to their body . They are also recommended for people who usually sleep on their sides .

They are an excellent option for people looking for a mattress for back , joint or muscle pain. However, it would be best to visit a specialist to recommend a mattress that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Also known as ” memory foam , ” memory foam is a type of high-quality foam that was invented by NASA a few decades ago, which responds to body heat to adapt by reducing pressure. This is what causes that feeling of comfort and “sag” when lying on these beds.


  • They offer excellent adaptability to different body types.
  • The material does an excellent job absorbing the movement of people, being recommended for married couples or people who move a lot at night.
  • They are especially recommended for people who suffer from bone problems or muscle pain.


  • Due to their characteristics, they are not usually very breathable, which can cause body heat to accumulate. If you live in a very hot region, it is recommended to choose a mattress that uses visco-microperforated, with thermoregulating gel or with pores, since these improve its breathability.


The latex is known for offering an almost perfect flexibility, which is perfect for an adjustable  bed mattress or those who move much sleep.

It is also highly recommended for people who suffer from allergies or have asthma, since latex is very clean and does not allow mites and bacteria to proliferate on it . To avoid mites and bacteria in their entirety, care must be taken with the mattress cover, since they can nest there. That is why you can opt for a mattress with a cover that can be easily removed and washed.

If you are a person looking to buy products of natural origin so as not to promote the use of synthetic, toxic or polluting materials, you will be happy to know that latex has a natural origin as it is obtained from the rubber tree . However, there are also synthetic latex mattresses.

In the case of the latex mattress, its cost may vary depending on the origin of the mattress and the processes that it has undergone for its manufacture. If you want a bed with all the benefits of latex, its layer must be at least 4 cm thick.


  • They are usually soft mattresses that adapt very well to the shape of the body, giving a very pleasant feeling of comfort.
  • They have good resilience and elasticity. When you change position, the mattress returns to its original shape almost instantly.
  • They distribute people’s weight very well.
  • Good ability to absorb movement; recommended for double beds.


  • Latex is a heavy material, making the mattress difficult to move or rotate.
  • They usually have a great facility to accumulate heat.