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Buying a travel Cot mattress that is special for travel is not as simple as it seems. Why? Easy, surely you did not know that it is not necessary to spend the same as a mattress for daily use.

Keep reading. In this buying guide we have gathered five models of crib mattresses, which are ideal for when you want to go on a family vacation or take a weekend getaway and you want to guarantee that the baby spends her nights comfortable, sleeping well.

What is the Best Travel Cot Mattress?

We will expose its characteristics, you will see how they can satisfy your needs, but we will also talk about the possible problems they may have, that way you can make a fair comparison and make a purchase with which you are satisfied.

We are no longer going around the bush. We already started with our buying guide.

Analysis of the Best Travel Cot Mattresses of this year

 1. Milliard – Mattress Topper for Travel Cot

As a good option, you have the Millard topper mattress . It is an ideal surface for the crib, and that you can take on long trips to ensure the comfort of your baby.

Its dimensions are 95 x 65 cm, it is a spacious mattress that can adapt well to the vast majority of cribs. Also, at this size, if you take good care of the mattress, it can be useful during the first two years of life.

The thickness is 5 cm, which is quite good, the padding is composed of a memory foam, which offers a density of 45 Kg / m 3 , this means that its firmness is a little below average, and for your baby this is not bad, that softness will come in handy, it is not recommended that he rest on a rigid surface.

The foam has a memory effect, something that in a memory foam mattress is beneficial in adults, and in the baby it will also be, so their rest will be much more optimal, improving the quality of sleep.

Any drawbacks? It doesn’t really have many for the price it offers, it’s not a high-end thing and it might not make it to the year, but it certainly meets your specs. It even brings its own hypoallergenic cover that is machine washable.

You can take it to many places, it is enough to roll up and tie itself with straps.


Good price. Smooth surface that conforms to the body.

✅ Hypoallergenic cover .


🚫 To be durable it is best to have it for sporadic use.

2. Alvi – folding travel cot mattress

As a mattress to take with them when the baby needs a place to rest, the folding Alvi model is undoubtedly an excellent alternative. We only warn you that you take into account that it is a mattress that meets the basics, and you cannot demand much of it.

The padding is 6 cm thick, but it is not made of viscoelastic material, but of polyurethane. This is still comfortable for the baby, however, it brings certain details. It is not the most resistant to support the weight of a baby, it deforms with little use. Therefore, we recommend you buy it as an option for infrequent use, such as when you must take a trip or when you must spend the night elsewhere.

This detail is largely compensated by its cover, made of 100% cotton, giving the baby a soft surface that does not irritate the skin or cause any type of allergies. The best part is that the cover can be removed and machine washed, thus better hygiene can be maintained.


Large dimensions. Foldable, easy to carry.

Washable cotton cover.


🚫 The padding is polyurethane, it deforms with use.🚫 Recommended for infrequent use.

3. Altabebe AL5000 – Travel cot mattress

The Altabebe AL500 crib mattress is an ideal model to take on a weekend getaway. It’s one of the cheapest on this list, but don’t let that fool you. You are interested in something for the baby during a trip, and this model does what it offers.

It has the same size as the previous model, 120 x 60 cm, so it is a mattress that can be used up to four years of baby. The detail is that the thickness is not so much when compared to others, it is 4.5 cm and the material is microfiber and soft foam. Even so, it maintains an acceptable stiffness, ideal for a child to rest comfortably. However, it is not a recommended mattress for daily use.

The cover that covers it can be removed and washed, but we warn you that it is not a material that is 100% fabric, so it may not be able to withstand constant machine washing. It may be best to do it by hand to ensure it lasts for several months.


Spacious. Comfortable surface.

 Foldable and easy to carry.



🚫 Not recommended for daily use.🚫 The cover is not 100% fabric.

4. Ecus Kids Goli Air – Travel cot mattress

The Goli Air model by Ecus Kids is a crib mattress that is designed to be transported to various places, and still guarantees comfort for the baby for a price more than affordable for tight budgets.

One feature that makes this ECU mattress stand out , and makes it one of the best travel cribs, is its incredible adaptability to the type of climate. It does not need to be two-sided, the surface is designed with a special fabric that can regulate your baby’s temperature. This also makes it versatile for a trip, in case the weather changes.

In addition, the same fabric gives it an ideal breathability so that bad odors do not accumulate or dust that can cause allergies.

The padding is made from a high-density foam, however, being so narrow, it gives the impression that it can deform over time. To prevent you from spending some money on a mattress that is not suitable for daily use, our best recommendation is that it be used as something for travel.

It does not come with a cover, however, the mattress can be machine washed, preferably on a delicate cycle, to avoid compromising the integrity of the padding.

Although its thickness is not too much compared to other models in this guide, this can be an advantage at the time of a weekend getaway, since rolling it will be much easier and faster.


Breathable. Regulates the temperature.

Comfortable surface.


🚫 It is not very thick.🚫 Does not come with removable cover.

5. Blossom Design – Premium Crib Travel Mattress

This crib mattress from Blossom Design is great value for money. It is a basic model, but it can meet the needs, especially if what you need for the baby is something for travel, or when it is necessary to spend the night away from home.

As you can see, it is a folding model that can be compacted into three equal parts. This will not take up much space between things and its transport will be easier. However, this does not compromise its comfortable surface.

The cover is made of 100% cotton, this makes it a soft surface, whose touch is pleasant for the body, that way your baby will feel much more comfortable, and the quality of sleep will be better.

The cover is made of 100% cotton, this makes it a soft surface, whose touch is pleasant for the body, that way your baby will feel much more comfortable, and the quality of sleep will be better.


Cotton cover. Good value for money.




🚫 Not recommended for daily use.🚫Low firmness.

 Is it necessary to buy a travel cot mattress?

This is something that will depend a lot on your lifestyle. From being someone from the family who is used to traveling or spending certain nights away from home for a weekend getaway, having a baby adds one more passenger to that experience.

✏️ What is the main advantage of these special travel mattresses?

They are cheaper, they are manufactured for sporadic use, so, even being a mid-range, a travel model can last more than a year, and accompany the baby with its growth.

In addition, these models are much lighter and more flexible than conventional ones for daily use. They really facilitate transport a lot, in the same way they guarantee a comfortable surface so that the baby can rest for a couple of nights.

🚫🚫 Buying guide: These are the things you should keep in mind to buy the best travel crib mattress

Your needs (and those of your baby in this case) are what will determine which models are the best for you. To help you with this, it is good that you know a little more about the characteristics that a travel crib mattress offers.

🚫 The material

This factor is one of the first that you should take into account when choosing the best crib mattress for your baby.

Surely when you buy a mattress for yourself, you pay much attention to the materials that make it up. It doesn’t matter if the crib mattress will only be for a few months, or if you’re just buying one for sporadic use, the material is something you can’t take lightly.

If you can find an inexpensive mattress made with memory foam, all the better. This foam is high-density, but it can also offer a comfortable surface that conforms to the shape of your baby’s body.

But it is not common to find a mattress of these at affordable prices. Another material that you have is polyurethane, its density is lower, and it tends to deform more quickly, so it is convenient that the mattress has an acceptable thickness. This material is ideal if you are only interested in something rarely used. Honestly, it’s not worth spending so much on something that won’t get the most out of it.

On the other hand, there are the removable covers. If you can buy a model whose cover is made of cotton, we advise you not to think twice. This material is ideal for the sensitive skin of a baby and is hypoallergenic, in addition to giving a better feeling of comfort.

🚫 Breathability

This feature was previously not common in crib mattresses. But times have changed.

A breathable fabric brings great benefits, and the best thing is that this is not something that increases the cost, since you can find it in mid-range models, where the value for money is more than acceptable.

A breathable crib mattress is not only able to better regulate the baby’s body temperature, providing a better quality of sleep in hot weather, but it also prevents the accumulation of humidity and dust, prevents bad odors and helps prevent further allergies.

🚫 Foldable

The truth is that it is not necessary for the mattress to be foldable. But, since we are talking about something that you can take for a trip. So we do advise you to take it into account.

For a mattress to be foldable it is not necessary that it can be folded, some models can be rolled up. What you need is one that is flexible enough for this. Think about it, so you can save much more space and transport it will be easier.

The best thing is that you can get a mattress of these for less than 50 euros, so it is not something that is exclusive for the highest ranges.

🚫 Size

If we were talking about conventional mattresses for the crib, the size would not be the most important thing to take into account. Choosing a model that can continue to be used as the baby grows is enough.

But, since you are looking for a mattress for travel, take into account that the larger it is, the larger the size it occupies. Although this is not something you have to worry much about if you choose a model that can be folded or rolled.

⁉️ Where can you buy the best travel crib mattresses?

Our best recommendation is Amazon. The models that we analyze in this buying guide can be found on that platform for an excellent price.

In addition, Amazon always offers the opportunity to clarify any questions that arise at the last moment, just before making the purchase. You can ask the seller or see questions that other customers have had.

And above all, it is a website that offers many offers and special prices, so you can buy a quality model and not go out of your budget.


Have you already made a decision? You don’t have to rush if you’re still not sure. You can go back above and reread the analysis of the models that interested you, as well as the information on the characteristics of the best travel crib mattress .

We hope we have helped you. As you may have realized, you don’t have to spend too much money for something that you will use sporadically, it really won’t be worth it when you can buy something that will give you what you need, for a much more affordable price.

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