Keep a sleep diary for a while. He will help you track what needs to be changed in order to get enough sleep and feel energetic, happy and smart every day!

Move at least three times a week for 30 minutes. It is desirable in the fresh air. It’s best if you can do more than half an hour of physical activity every day. If possible, go out in the sun during the day.

Difficulty falling asleep if you are hungry or overeating. Eat so that before bed you have a pleasant, but not excessive feeling of fullness.

Taking a nap in the middle of the day will help keep you energized and active. It is important that daytime sleep does not disturb the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness – daytime “siesta” should not be too long or fall in the late evening. If you do not sleep well at night, then skip daytime sleep.

Make your bedroom cozy, conducive to sleep. It is desirable that it be cool, quiet, dark and calm. Electronic gadgets are best kept away. They won’t help you fall asleep in any way, even if you have insomnia. To wake up, use an alarm clock or ask a family member to wake you up.

In the afternoon, avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee, black and green tea, and Coca-Cola. Chocolate also contains caffeine and theobromines!

A sleepless person driving is as dangerous as a person who is drunk at 0.8 ‰
In the UK, it has been found that sleepy drivers cause about 100,000 accidents every year.

Create your sleep and wake schedule and stick to it even on weekends. The constant rhythm will make you feel less tired throughout the day and fall asleep easier.

A couple of hours before bedtime, do not eat or drink much, do not exercise. Also, don’t leave your homework until the last minute. About an hour before bed, turn off the TV and computer, put the phone down. If you do something calm before going to bed, then sleep will come easier.

If you do the same things every night, your body will get used to these “signals” and you will fall asleep easier. For example, take a bath or shower, read a book.

Keep a journal or keep a pen and paper close to your bed. If falling asleep, you think of a job that was not done or something else unpleasant, write it down. This will make it easier for you to get it out of your head!