The Benefits of a Quality Mattress

Mattresses, there are mattresses and mattresses, which one to choose will be the most frequently asked question.

So What are the Benefits of a Quality mattress?

A good mattress can benefit our health and mood in numerous ways. With so many mattresses on the market, it is important to look for a mattress with the characteristics that you consider important, such as hardness and adaptability, that provide more or less freshness, flexible or rigid, and the possible combinations between them. If we don’t sleep well, we wake up tired and it will have a direct impact on our body. Therefore choosing a quality mattress is unquestionable.

Benefits of a quality mattress

Below we describe the benefits to your health when we have adequate rest equipment.

  1. Nervous system
    A good rest helps to preserve the integrity of the nervous system and improves our memory and learning capacity.
  2. Heart
    While we sleep, the heart rate is slower and this leads to a decrease in the hormones related to stress, for example, the hormones cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. During sleep, the heart works to repair itself from damage from day to day by releasing growth hormones and melatonin.
  3. Blood circulation
    Like the heart, the circulatory system makes less effort at night due to the regulation of the neurovegetative system.
  4. Immune system
    When we were sick our parents always told us, go to sleep, and tomorrow you will feel better. It is a fact, sleep is related to numerous homeostatic processes, sleeping well strengthens the defenses and increases the body’s resistance to common diseases.
  5. Skin
    Perhaps the skin is the tissue that benefits the most during sleep. If we wake up after sleeping on an inappropriate mattress or when we have not been able to sleep well during the night for various reasons, the skin of the face is the area where fatigue is most reflected. Dark circles, wrinkled skin, and little flexibility are some of the characteristics that indicate poor sleep. During a good rest, the cutaneous blood flow increases and eliminates toxins accumulated during the day, it also provides nutrients necessary to promote cell recovery.
  6. Eyes
    Eyesight at night is deeply restful as the light-sensitive pigment (rhodopsin) is regenerated during sleep.
  7. Brain activity
    Several studies have shown that good rest is essential for proper mental health. During rest, sleep allows you to rework and fix the experiences and learnings lived during the day. Insufficient rest can cause disorders such as depression and anxiety, and irritability increases after a bad rest.

Are you still thinking about changing your mattress? Well, I think it could be a good time to invest in high quality, comfortable and changing life mattress!

Have a wonderful sleep.