Pocket spring mattress review Advantages and Tips

Are you looking for pocket spring mattress reviews Spring mattresses are generally associated with classic mattresses made in the traditional style. With the arrival of memory foam, latex, and other foam mattresses, spring mattresses have been somewhat relegated and no longer dominate the market as they used to.

What are pocketed springs?

Traditional spring mattresses are made with what we now know as a biconic or Bonell spring. This type of mattress has several deficiencies, especially in the lack of independence of beds (when one of the two members of the couple moves, it also affects the other side of the mattress) and noise.

“A pocket spring mattress is one that at its core has a shell of individual springs wrapped in cloth bags.”

Unlike traditional spring mattresses, the pocket spring mattress, if it has a good independence of beds (since the springs are individual and are not connected to each other); and they are less noisy (being wrapped the springs do not collide).

The quality of a pocket spring mattress

Not all pocket spring mattresses offer the same benefits. There are mid-range models whose price is around 400-500 euros; and high-end models of more than 1,500 euros. The factors that will determine the best or worst performance of some models over others are:

Best pocket spring mattress Reviews

1- On the quality of the springs

The quality of the springs will be determined by:

  • The materials with which they are made (levels of carbon concentration in the steel, heat treatments and coatings …)
  • The diameter and number of turns of the steel wire as well as its diameter.

2- Of the number of springs

Although it is not clear from what number of springs we can consider that the answer of the block will be correct, it can be generalized that it should not be below 220/230 m2. A higher number of springs does not ensure quality (since it also depends on the material used) but a pocket spring mattress with a number of springs less than that number will hardly provide us with a correct rest.

The number of springs can be greatly increased if it is micro springs. The great advantage of bagged micro springs compared to other conventional bagging is their reduced diameter, which allows them to adapt much better to each of the body points, allowing a better distribution of the pressures exerted when lying on the mattress.

3- Of the quality of the bagging

The bags are usually made of cotton cloth or TST (non-woven fabric). While the fabric is more related to high-end and artisan mattresses, the TST is more used by the industry in general.

The quality of the fabric as well as the bonding and sealing system are also important to assess the quality of the mattress. Since the springs can separate or even pierce the bag.

4- On the  quality of the padding and upper layers

The spring block is usually complemented by top layers to increase your comfort or add specific characteristics to the mattress.

“A common mistake is to layer thick layers on top of the pocket spring.”

In other words, we cannot sleep directly on a pocket spring block but the upper layers should not take away from it. Thin visco or latex sheets are often used to improve the comfort provided by the mattress.

Likewise, the casing must be laterally framed by some material (foam or similar) that prevents the displacement of the springs. If these side layers are of poor quality, for example a low porosity foam, it will limit the circulation of air inside the mattress.

The brand specialized in pocket springs

One of the most recognized brands in the market for its pocket spring mattresses is Sonpura. Specifically, it has two models that have been particularly well valued by various consumer organizations in recent years. Are these:

  • The Sonpura Royal mattress
  • The Sonpura Gaudí mattress

The secret of these mattresses is that they incorporate one of the most advanced pocket spring systems on the market. The Multisac Micro® system . They are springs with a very small diameter and independent bagging that provides great adaptability to people of all physiognomies.

pocket spring mattress reviews
pocket spring mattress reviews

Among the advantages of this type of core, we highlight these three:

– Great independence of beds . So movements on one side of the mattress are barely felt on the other. This is especially important for people who sleep with a partner. If one partner moves around a lot at night, it will hardly bother the other.

– High degree of adaptability . The independent reaction of each of the springs to the weight, makes the mattress adapt perfectly to the contour of the body. This allows you to keep your back completely straight. Essential to avoid problems and back pain.

– Homogeneous weight distribution over the entire resting surface . In this way, subsidence is avoided, and above all, pressure points on the body are minimized. The level of pressure relief offered by a mattress is one of the fundamental indicators to classify it as optimal for one person or another.

Our recommendation

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