Memory foam mattress or springs. Which to choose?

Choosing a mattress is not an issue that can be taken lightly, so if you are trying to decide between buying a memory foam or spring mattress, but you are still not very clear about it, in this post we will help you find the one that best suits you. your needs.

When asking users about which they consider to be the best mattresses, they always mention pocket springs and memory foam material, but since we all have different needs and that rest is something very personal, you should always think about what is most convenient for you .

In addition, as there are many factors that can influence when sleeping, in this article we will dedicate ourselves to comparing the properties of memory foam and spring mattresses so that you know which one best suits the way you sleep.

Spring or memory foam mattress?

Before you make a decision, we want you to be able to know the advantages that each material can offer you , so below we will talk a little about each one and its main characteristics.

What are memory foam mattresses?

The first thing you should know is that memory foam mattresses are not made only with this material, but are usually combined with other materials such as foam, gel and even springs, so you will never find a mattress that is totally memory foam .

In the same way, this can be of synthetic origin (From oil) or of natural origin (Plant-based) and unlike other mattresses, these usually have two faces with different characteristics each. Also, due to its combination with other materials, it is possible to classify them into different types.

🚫 Types of memory foam mattresses

Currently, it is possible to find two types of memory foam mattresses on the market: molded and foamed.

✏️ Foam mattress

It is made with a chemical combination of different components and is especially characterized by its open pores , which allow air to circulate inside it and the recovery of shape is much faster.

Its memory footprint effect and High Resilence technology allow the mattress to take its original shape once the pressure is released, so that it can adapt very well to the shape of the body and reduce pressure on specific points on the back and neck .

✏️ Molded mattress

Although they are also made with chemical elements, their composition is different, which means that their pores are closed and therefore the air circulation is not as fast as in the previous one. This means that air takes longer to get in and out and that it takes a little longer to re-shape, so it can warp a bit .

Characteristics of memory foam mattresses

They are especially recognized for their ergonomics and adaptability , so they can help avoid pressure points on the body and provide a good reception. However, the properties of the mattress may vary depending on the number of layers and the density of the material.

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability to the body.
  • Recovery of form.
  • Pressure points.
  • Two different faces.
  • Covering with stretch fabrics.

What should have a good memory foam mattress?

If you want to get a good quality memory foam mattress, keep the following in mind:

↪️ Amount of viscoelastic material

Although this depends on the model and manufacturer, memory foam mattresses generally have between 3 and 5 cm of material depending on the degree of adaptability desired. Clearly, the more the quantity, the more adaptable it will be.

↪️ Material density

This is measured in kg / m3 and as a general rule, the more density it has, the more adaptable it will be; however, this is also influenced by the characteristics of the sleeper’s physiognomy. In this sense, the ideal is that for the mattress to be ergonomic, the density is between 60-80 Kg / m3 , although this may vary depending on personal needs.

↪️ Acolchados

It refers especially to the materials with which the memory foam is combined to give greater softness and comfort when sleeping. These can be made of latex, gel, foam, compliant fibers and memory foam and are between 2 and 3 cm in most cases.

↪️ HR foam core

It is very important that you keep it in mind, since it is what will serve as support for the body and will provide firmness to the mattress. The best thing is that in addition to having a minimum density of 28 kg / m3 , it can guarantee firmness and durability.

↪️ Fabrics and treatments

Although there are many types of fabrics, the best for memory foam mattresses are the Strech type, since they are breathable and since they are made with natural materials, they do not pollute the environment. Likewise, it is best that the fabric you choose has a Sanitized anti-mite hygienic treatment to avoid allergies.

🚫 Properties

Sleep experts have shown that memory foam mattresses are effective for :

  • Relieve pain in the joints and spine.
  • Eliminate pressure points on the back.
  • Avoid the appearance of allergies.
  • Decrease stress.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Get a better posture.


Although they are very good, these mattresses also have certain drawbacks :

  • They are heavy due to their foam.
  • If the foam is very dense, they accumulate heat.
  • Its price is not very accessible.
  • They require a firm foundation.

For whom is a memory foam mattress indicated

The good thing about these mattresses is that they can be used by both adults, young and old and that they can be adapted depending on the needs of each sleeper.

In this sense, it is proven that they can be effective for people who suffer from pain in the lumbar area , in the muscles and in the joints. In addition, they have very good bed independence, so they are a great alternative for couples.

🚫What are spring mattresses?

These are classic and very common models in homes, which over the years have evolved to become one of the best alternatives today.

Although the feeling of rest may be different depending on the type of spring you choose, they are generally characterized by being firm and breathable . They have different layers of cushioning and can be combined with other materials such as memory foam, latex and gel.

🚫 Types of spring mattresses

The feeling offered by a spring mattress is never the same since these are classified into 3 types:

↪️ Biconical or Bonell springs

These are the oldest models, which have evolved to have individual springs joined by a fine wire in the shape of an hourglass. Although they have good performance, they are considered low-end, so they are not as widely used.

↪️ Continuous thread springs

They are made up of a single Z-shaped spring , which runs through the entire mattress and makes the structure resistant, but adaptable. They can distribute the weight very well, so they belong to the high range.

↪️ Pocket springs

They are one of the best sellers on the market today and have individual fabric covered springs that make the weight much better absorbed. They are highly valued by married couples due to their independence of beds.

🚫 Characteristics of spring mattresses

They particularly stand out for having good firmness, reception and breathability . Due to its structure, the air circulates inside it, keeping it fresh and hygienic. Also, their core is strong, so it can support a lot of weight, so they are a good option for people with a lot of weight .

  • Good reception.
  • They are tough.
  • Great independence of beds.
  • Good breathability.
  • They are not deformed.

What should a good spring mattress have?

So that you can find a quality mattress, consider these aspects:

✏️ Spring type

Depending on the type of spring you choose, you will obtain greater ergonomics, independence of beds, firmness and durability. So it is important that you consider each of the options and take into account your individual needs .

✏️ Padding and cushioning

It is important that you consider it, since this is what will isolate and prevent the hardness of the springs from causing discomfort to your back. Therefore, our recommendation is that you select a memory foam or latex padding.

✏️ Fabrics and treatments

As with memory foam mattresses, here it is also important to take into account that the fabric is pleasant to the touch and has good ventilation. The ideal is to have a Stretch or thermoregulatory fabric , to keep it ventilated and fresh, as well as a hypoallergenic treatment that prevents the appearance of mites and other microorganisms.

✏️ Properties

Research has shown that spring mattresses are beneficial for :

  • Align the spine.
  • Get adequate perspiration.
  • Have greater freedom of movement when sleeping.
  • Assist in recovery after operations.
  • Eliminate stress and pressure on the joints.
  • Reduce back pain.


Like memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses also have disadvantages :

  • Its durability is less than those of memory foam.
  • They can be very hard on thin people.
  • They are not suitable for children.
  • Its price is high.
  • They cannot be articulated.

🚫 Who is the spring mattress suitable for?

They are especially suitable for couples and people with a lot of weight , since it can pick up the weight very well without sinking or deforming. It is a good alternative to achieve good posture and relieve back discomfort due to the fact that they have a firm base

⚖️ Differences between spring and memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are generally cheaper than spring mattresses and as they have pressure points, they adapt better to the body so that the person has greater comfort. However, they are heavy, not very breathable and can be soft.

For their part, spring mattresses are fresh, firm and light . They are generally used in pairs due to their good bed independence, but their disadvantage is that their price is high and some are very hard.

 Frequently asked questions FAQ

 What is the best mattress for hot people?

Although it may depend on the tastes of each person, the most recommended in this case are pocket spring mattresses , since their structure allows air to circulate better inside and it remains fresh and free of moisture.

 Which mattress is best for articulated beds?

Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses have greater flexibility and adaptability, so they can be placed on articulated beds without any problem, while spring mattresses cannot.

 Which mattress is more durable?

Although this will depend a lot on the use that is given to it, it has been proven that memory foam mattresses have a longer useful life than spring ones.

 What is the best mattress for heavy people?

The two options work very well , so what you should keep in mind is that if you choose a memory foam mattress, it must have a high density that is proportional to your weight, while, if you buy a spring, they must be covered by cloth, that is, to be bagged.

 I want a firm mattress, which one should I choose?

Both the viscoelastic and the spring provide different degrees of firmness depending on their core and the density they have. Although those with springs are quite firm and resistant, those made of memory foam are much more adaptable and make the body have a better reception, so it is a very personal decision.

What is the best mattress for cribs?

Regarding the independence of beds, the best cheap crib mattress  are those of springs ; however, you must consider other factors such as adaptability, freshness and firmness.

Spring and memory foam mattresses. Which is the best option?

As you may have noticed, both options have features that can be adapted to certain types of users, so to make your choice, it is best to take your needs into account.

Similarly, if you cannot decide between one and the other, you can opt for a new alternative that combines both options so that it has both the properties of memory foam mattresses and spring mattresses.