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If you love going camping and going on excursions with your family, you will know the importance of having the best mattress for vans, but if you do not know which one to choose among so many models, in this article we will guide you on the different options available in the market so that you can find the right one. The most suitable van mattress for you.

There is nothing more annoying than going on a trip and not being able to rest inside the van because the mattress is uncomfortable, we know it. That is why we designed this comparison of the 5 best mattresses for vans so that you can make the best decision and enjoy your weekend getaways to the fullest. In addition, we include an analysis of each product with its characteristics, pros and cons so that you do not have any doubts when choosing.

What is the Best Mattress for Vans?

But if you don’t know which features are best for you, our buying guide has a lot of information that can help you get the most out of your mattress and get the best comfort while you’re on the go.

Review of this year’s Best Mattresses for Vans

To help you choose the best mattress for vans, our experts and camping professionals have reviewed the mattresses available in the market and taking into account the opinions of users, we have prepared this top of the 5 best mattresses for vans that we present to you. continuation.

1. Badenia Bettcomfort Trendline, Folding mattress

We start our top with one of the mattresses with the best quality and price ratio on the market, which stands out for its versatility and comfort . So if you are going to go on a trip with your family and you want a mattress where the children can rest, the Badenia Bettcomfort Trendline folding model may be all you need.

It is made with polyurethane foam which makes it quite light, so it can be carried and placed very easily. It has a medium firmness , neither too soft nor too hard, so it is perfect for the whole family and since it does not take up much space, it will not bother you in the car.

Although it is quite a comfortable mattress and can be folded 3 into three parts to use as a seat, it is not recommended for sleeping many nights and does not replace a traditional mattress; however, it supports the weight of an adult very well. It includes a polyester cover that is easily machine washable, so it stays hygienic.


It can be folded. Medium firmness.

 It is inexpensive.

Includes a removable cover.


🚫It may be small.🚫 Not suitable for very heavy people

2. Mattress Sales – Folding Mattress with Closure

If you want an economical model that adapts to your budget, but also offers good benefits, the Folding Mattress with Mattress Window Closure is all you need. Although it is not a high-end mattress, it resists weight very well and is very comfortable.

It is made of layers of foam, so it is adaptable and firm at the same time. It has good density, so it collects the weight of the body well and does not deform so easily . Although it can be tough for some people, it is so strong that it supports the weight of two adults.

This mattress can be adapted to the shape of the body to give you greater comfort, but like the previous one, it is not recommended to use it for a long time. It comes with a removable cover , making it easy to wash and keep your mattress clean longer.


✅ Affordable price. Supports the weight of two adults well.

 Includes a removable cover.

Good density.


🚫It can be a bit harsh.🚫 It does not have the best finishes.

3. Inflatable Mattress for Car Bed Air Sinbide

Although the Sinbide Air Sleeping Car inflatable mattress is a little different from the previous recommendations, it has been one of the best valued mattresses for couples on the market and it can support up to 250 kg without being damaged.

In the event that you decide to go on a trip with your family and are looking for an economical option that can be used for both children and adults, you cannot miss this car mattress recommendation . It is made from PVC and includes a velvet coating that, in addition to being soft, is very breathable, which allows you to rest very well throughout the night and as it is inflatable, it does not take up much space.

If you don’t have much space and you don’t want to miss out on a great adventure, then you can opt for this inflatable van mattress, which has a good price and adapts to all types of vehicles.


Includes an electric pump. Toxic free materials.

 Comes with a carrying bag.

✅ It supports the weight very well.


🚫 Lose some air.🚫 Its shelf life is not very long.

🚫Tips for choosing the best mattress for vans

Before deciding on a specific mattress for vans, it is important that you consider some aspects that can help you make the right choice.

Another option that may interest you for your holidays is the intex mattress , check out our article.

🚫 Materials

It will depend a lot on your tastes and the results you hope to achieve with the mattress, since they are all designed to adapt to specific needs. You should keep in mind that this type is usually thin mattresses . That is why pay attention to the material in order to feel comfortable.In this sense, we find that the most used materials are:

  • Foam: It is inexpensive and does not deform easily, so it has good firmness.
  • Memory foam: It is a fairly adaptable and breathable material, making it ideal for a comfortable and fresh sleep.
  • Latex: It is one of the most common, since they are elastic and give a lot of freedom of movement.

🚫 Size

Although mattress measurements for vans are already determined, it is sometimes possible to find smaller or larger models. The important thing here is that you can rest comfortably and have freedom of movement. Please note that the minimum height must be 180cm .

🚫 Thickness

It is determined by the number of layers that the mattress has and the weight of the person; however, the minimum thickness that a van mattress must have is 10 cm to provide adequate support.

🚫 Firmness

For the most part, this type of mattress can support up to 25 kg for each cubic meter , which indicates that it does not deform so easily and that it is resistant. Although they may seem very hard to some people, over time they adapt to the shape of the body and become a little more manageable, but if you want it to be a little softer, you can choose a mattress with a memory foam layer that provides more flexibility.

🚫 Independence

In general, mattresses for vans are designed so that two people can sleep, so it is important that they provide freedom of movement and also, are not noisy.

⁉️ Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

❓ Choose normal or memory foam?

That will depend on how much money you want to invest and how you want to sleep. Foam is cheaper, while memory foam offers better adaptability and firmness. The important thing is that you can feel comfortable and that your back rests in a good position .


Choosing the best mattress for vans is not easy, for that reason, we have saved you time and money in a list of the most valued models and with the best features on the market. Now that you’ve seen our selection, we hope you can find the right mattress for you and are satisfied with your purchase.

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