How to sleep properly to get enough sleep and feel good?

You really have to sleep properly to get enough sleep and feel good during the day. Adequate sleep is something without which it is impossible to maintain good physical shape and performance. Sleep quality is influenced by many factors.

Choosing a Pillow

A restful sleep bed shouldn’t look like a pillow store. Too large pillows are especially contraindicated. They can distort the natural curve of the spine, causing headaches or pain in the back or neck.

It is also possible that the blood supply to the brain may deteriorate as it becomes difficult for blood to flow upward. After all, our body is designed with the expectation that at night a person must take a lying position so that the brain can be better supplied with blood.


Remember! It is not necessary to purchase an expensive orthopedic mattress. Choose a piece in which your body cannot sink so deeply that the natural curve of the spine is distorted.

The mattress should not be too worn out, in which case it will not be able to support the spine. Better to change it every 5 years.  When purchasing such bedding, make sure that it is made without the use of toxic materials.

Sleep on your Back

Each person has 1-2 favorite sleeping positions. The ideal option is to sleep in a supine position, as this is the most favorable position for the spine.  The pose “on the back” is also indicated for those who care about maintaining their youth and beauty. In it, the skin of the face has the ability to breathe normally. This reduces the likelihood of early wrinkles and dermatological problems. The main disadvantage of this position is that people often snore in it, and they have apnea (holding their breath).

Sleep on Your Stomach

However, sleeping on your stomach can harm your spine if done incorrectly. It is not recommended to sleep with outstretched straight legs.  It is better to sleep on your stomach with one knee bent to relieve stress on your spine. In this position, it is recommended to give up the habit of putting a pillow under your head so as not to stretch your neck. Instead, you can place it under your belly.

Choose a pillow that is small enough to be firm and will help reduce stress on the lumbar back and neck. Arrange the pillow as it suits you on the side of your bent leg.

Sleep On Your Side

More often than not, people prefer to sleep on their side. This is one of the most natural postures, as it mimics the stage of the embryo. This posture eliminates snoring, makes breathing easier, and helps relieve belching and heartburn.
If you decide to sleep on your side, you should push your shoulder slightly forward. This will allow for normal blood circulation in the muscles of the arm and shoulder. Use a low neck pillow without disturbing the natural position of your spine. You can place another pillow between your knees. This will help you adopt a posture that stabilizes your spine and relieves pressure from your lower back and hips.