How to choose your new mattress for the bed ?

We explain everything you must take into account before renewing the mattress and we propose the most popular models on Amazon and at a very low price

Best Guide for How to choose your new mattress for the bed

mattress has a useful life of about 8 to 10 years , and after that time manufacturers and also physiotherapists recommend changing it for another. During this period of time, the components of the rest equipment lose quality and effectiveness until reaching a point where their use can harm our rest and our back.

If you find yourself at that time that you must renew your mattress , or you must buy one for another room in your house, you must think carefully about what use you are going to make of it, in what position you sleep, the weight it must support or the temperature. With all this in mind, you can make a good choice.

The Organization of Consumers and Users OCU published a guide to know exactly which mattress model to choose among so many offers. “Sleeping on a good mattress greatly increases the quality of life, but the offer is so varied that it is difficult to decide. Mattresses can be of many types, of different materials (foam, springs, latex …), with different degrees of firmness. In addition, the prices are very different: between the simplest and the most sophisticated models they can mediate 1,000 euros ”, explains the OCU at the beginning of its buying guide.

The 5 key questions before choosing a mattress

The OCU establishes these five questions in order to know which mattress model each one needs:

How do you sleep

Choose a hard mattress if you sleep on your back, supine, or on your back.

You should choose a less firm model if you sleep on your side, because the mattress should allow your shoulder to sink slightly until you find a comfortable position.

How much do you weigh?

If you weigh a lot, you will need firm mattresses that offer good support. On a soft mattress you would sink excessively.

Lighter people need more flexible mattresses, which adapt to their shape to distribute the weight better.

Do you move a lot?

If you move a lot while you sleep, a somewhat harder mattress that allows you to turn around effortlessly is convenient for you. On a soft mattress you would sink too low, and it would be difficult for you to turn, which is uncomfortable. 

Are you hot?

If you are hot, sweat easily or live in a warm place, spring mattresses may suit you better, as they are better ventilated and cooler.

If you are cold or live in a cold place, the foam, latex or memory foam models keep the heat more.

Another questions

If you want an articulated base, you need a flexible mattress (foam, latex, or pocket springs).

If you are allergic to dust or asthmatic, it is recommended to use a foam or latex mattress with a washable cover (unless, of course, you are allergic to latex).

In addition to all these very clear questions, we must take into account what use we are going to make of this mattress , because it is not the same to buy a mattress for regular use or for occasional use . If we will use it daily, it is preferable to invest a little more to have a higher quality mattress that really offers us a good rest. For occasional use, we can opt for cheaper proposals that will also offer us adequate rest.

we have chosen  best mattress models . Two of great quality, but inexpensive within the high range, for a regular use; two mid-range models at a very good price for regular use; and two very inexpensive, but good quality proposals, intended for occasional use. The price of each of them is for the size of 150x200cm, although there are many measures available in each model and the price varies depending on the size of the mattress.

Pikolin Mattress Regina, viscoelastic mattress

This mattress from the well-known Pikolin brand has a high quality. It has a height of 32 cm , a ‘Stretch inifugo’ fabric with anti- bed bug and anti-mite treatment , and its Viscofoam filling adapts to the contour of the body to generate less pressure and better rest .

In addition, this mattress stands out for its high breathability thanks to the polyester fiber that helps improve air circulation generating total temperature control along with better hygiene. It also has high-comfort cushioning that improves rest and increases the durability of the mattress.

Tec Moon Pure, viscoelastic mattress

This mattress goes a step further than what is usually a memory foam mattress, because it has an ergonomic ‘4-Layer core Tec Moon Pure’ that combines the ‘Energex’ and ‘CoolFlow’ technologies to give the bed a differentiated support. for each of the areas of your body and excellent breathability.

This 26cm thick mattress has body shape memory and effectively eliminates pressure points by perfectly adapting to the contour, actively embracing it rather than supporting it. The four layers of its core have been developed so that the neck, back, hips, shoulders, arms or legs are supported according to their physiognomy and weight, helping to soften muscle and bone pain. In combination with its integrated multi-zone system, the spine will be optimally positioned with perfect lumbar support.

Simpur Relax, pocket spring mattress

This mattress, unlike all the ones on this list, has pocket springs , but it also has several layers of memory foam on the outermost parts. In total, the mattress has 9 layers strategically arranged to offer a progressive firmness rest. This allows two people to sleep together without knowing the movements of the person sleeping next to them .

In addition, thanks to the springs it is a highly breathable and very cool mattress. It is 30cm thick, has a 5-year warranty and a useful life of about 10 years .

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