How to choose a mattress? Important Aspects to Consider

Studies have shown that on average we spend a third of our lives sleeping and that most back problems are caused by poor sleeping posture. Which is why making a good choice is so important, so if you are wondering how to choose the best mattress? In this article we are going to guide you so that you can find the most suitable one for you.

In terms of mattresses we can find a wide variety of materials, designs and sizes, but although they can all be a good alternative in general terms, it is necessary to think about the individual needs of each person, since we are not all the same. So that you do not make mistakes and spend your money, we are going to help you know which mattress to buy , taking into account these recommendations below.

10 keys to choosing your ideal mattress

Next, we are going to analyze 10 points that we consider key when buying a mattress and that can help you assess what your needs are in case you are not clear about it.

🚫 Weight and height

Many people make mistakes from the beginning and choose a mattress that does not adapt to their anatomy, so so that you do not make the same mistake, consider the following:

  • Weight

If you are a thin person you need a flexible mattress that can distribute your weight well without causing you discomfort, but if you have a little more weight, the ideal is a firm model that guarantees greater support and prevents sagging.

  •  Height

In this case, it is recommended that you consider your height and add 10 cm more to it at the ends so that you can rest comfortably. In case you need a double mattress, take the height of the largest person as a reference.

🚫 Mattress dimensions

It depends a lot on the dimensions of the sleeper; However, for you to obtain greater comfort, the minimum thickness should not be below 16 cm , while the width may vary depending on whether you sleep alone (Between 90 and 110 cm) or if you sleep with someone (150 and 160 cm).

🚫 Individual or matrimonial?

In the case that you sleep as a couple, you must make sure that the characteristics you choose can give you both a good rest. In this sense, it is advisable that the mattress can absorb movements and weight so that the other person does not notice when you make a change in posture. The most recommended mattresses in these cases are memory foam and pocket springs or a combination of both.

🚫 Posture when sleeping

One of the biggest problems when sleeping is finding a comfortable and safe posture to rest on on the mattress, to help guide yourself by these recommendations.

  • Face up: You will need a hard mattress to help you keep your spine aligned, especially in the cervical and lumbar area, which is where the greatest precision is concentrated. If you want to sleep much more comfortable, you can place a pillow under your knees to maintain the normal curve of your back.
  • On the side: It is preferable a medium hardness that adapts to the texture of your hips and shoulders, giving you firmness and flexibility. It is recommended that for greater comfort you place a pillow between your legs that allows you to reduce the pressure on your hips and spine.
  • Face down: The most convenient thing is a soft mattress that helps to keep the neck and spine in a good position. And if you want to take more pressure off the neck, use a thin and soft pillow.


If you are much more active when sleeping than when awake, you will need to have a firm mattress that prevents you from sinking ; however, not too much, since it can cause back discomfort. To the above you must addadaptability and flexibility so you can have a good rest regardless of the position you sleep.

But if you are one of those who remains in the same position all night, consider in the previous section which is the firmness indicated for you depending on the position in which you are resting.

 Body temperature and breathability of the mattress

What makes a mattress more or less breathable are the manufacturing materials, which allow the air to move to a greater or lesser extent and the heat to be absorbed or dissipated while you sleep.

If you are quite hot or you live in a place where the summer is abrasive, you will need a mattress with good perspiration. In this sense, the most recommended are those with springs , but as is well known, their price is somewhat high, so if you have a short budget you can also opt for alternatives with gel microparticles, which help keep the surface fresh.

On the contrary, if even in summer you stay cool and run away from the cold, latex and memory foam mattresses are a good option for you.

🚫 Types of mattresses according to their materials

As you will see below there are many materials that you can choose from and although none is better than another, some can be better adapted to your needs , so it is important that you can differentiate them.

↪️ Polyurethane foam

They are one of the cheapest on the market , so they adapt very well to short budgets. It has a medium low firmness and they retain their shape despite pressure, they are light and easy to transport. However, because their material is not very resistant, they are not recommended for frequent use.


Also known as memory foam, it is a high quality foam that helps reduce pressure in different areas of the body and also reacts to body heat to provide greater comfort. They stand out especially for being very flexible and adaptable, making them the first choice of people with back or muscle problems.

They are also recommended for marriages since they absorb movements very well and do not produce sounds. Its thickness can vary in each model, but you should consider that the thicker it is, the greater its value. Also, since they accumulate heat, they are not usually suitable for hot people unless the memory foam has a perforated design.

Pros Cons
✅ Affordable price

 Adaptable and flexible.

 Absorb movements.

✖️ A little expensive.

✖️ They do not have good breathability.

✖️ They can be very soft.

↪️ Pocket springs

Although they were previously considered uncomfortable, new technologies have allowed them to be one of the most recommended on the market due to the comfort they provide. They consist of a network of springs that is covered with layers of fabric that provide firmness and prevent subsidence. Although its cost is usually high, its price varies depending on the material with which it is agreed, this can be latex, cotton and memory foam.

They are designed for people with a lot of weight , back problems or for those who sleep on their backs. The air circulates very well inside them, so they do not accumulate heat or humidity and are kept clean and hygienic. As a negative point in addition to the price, is that for some people they can be very hard. In addition, you can also choose between different types of springs:

  • Biconic or bonell: It is the classic model and therefore the most economical . They have a high firmness and good adaptability.
  • Cylindrical or pocket: The springs are separated from each other by covers, this allows them to be less noisy and to provide greater comfort, especially in double beds, since they isolate movements.
  • Continuous thread: They are designed for individual beds and their springs reinforce the lumbar area, which is where the greatest pressure is exerted.
Pros Cons
 Long lifespan.

 Fresh and breathable.

 Good firmness

✖️ They can be very tough.

✖️ Depending on the type they can be noisy.

↪️ Latex

What characterizes this type of mattress is that the latex can be of natural origin as synthetic or even a mixture of the two. It is quite elastic and recovers easily regardless of the pressure exerted. Although their texture is smooth, they have good firmness and conform to the proportions of the body, distributing the weight evenly to avoid sagging.

They are recommended for double beds, as they have good bed independence and do not sink easily. Also, if you are allergic or asthmatic, the best option is anti-mite mattresses, since they do not nest mites, bacteria or other vermin.

If you opt for this material you must make sure that it rests on an articulated bed, which is at least 4 cm thick, is well ventilated and that the cover can be removed, since they tend to accumulate heat.

Pros Cons
 Very flexible and adaptable.

 Does not attract mites.

✅ They last a long time.

 They are not easily deformed.

✖️ They do not have good perspiration.

✖️ They are heavy.

✖️ They can give off an odor.

🚫 Ideal firmness

The firmness of a mattress is what allows the back to rest in a suitable position and maintains the natural curvature of the spine , which is why it is so important that you pay attention to this detail.

A mattress that is too hard will not conform to your body and will be uncomfortable, as the shoulders and hips will receive all the pressure. On the other hand, if it is very soft, the spine can curve and cause back problems. Therefore, choose with the following in mind:

Soft Mattress Firm Mattress
  • If you sleep on your side
  • Weights less than 80 kg
  • You sleep on your back.
  • You don’t move when you sleep.
  • Weights between 80 and 110 kg

 What brand of mattress to buy

Currently the offer and availability of brands in the mattress market is really wide. All offer different characteristics and high quality mattresses.

It is true that there are brands with greater recognition than others, and that shows both in the price and in its quality.

For this reason, it is important that you take into account, according to your budget, which brand to choose. Here we show you an analysis with the best models of each brand

🚫 Mattress base

In addition to a good mattress, to get a complete rest you must also look at the base . In this aspect they can choose between:

✳️ Slatted bed base

Due to its versatility it is ideal for any type of mattress and since its price is quite accessible, it is an excellent option if you have a short budget. Similarly, as it has good ventilation, it is an excellent alternative for memory foam or latex mattresses .

✳️ Upholstered table

If you have spring mattress, this is your best option, since as they are built as a chest they allow you to store things underneath without getting dirty or taking up space in the room. They are also a good alternative to latex mattresses.

✳️ Spring base

In the same way as the foil bases, they have good ventilation and that makes them suitable for any type of mattress. Although due to their elasticity they offer better results with hard mattresses. The only downside is that over time they can get noisy.

✳️ Articulated base

They are especially suitable for people with mobility problems, recovering from injuries or who need to stay in one comfortable position for a long time. Therefore, they combine perfectly with latex, foam or pocket spring mattresses .


The needs of people when sleeping change over the years, therefore the mattress must be able to adapt to each stage, so when choosing a mattress it is necessary to consider the age of the sleeper.

In case you need a mattress for children , they must be very firm since, in addition to keeping the child’s back aligned, they can prevent accidents due to suffocation and drowning.

Young people and teenagers generally require firm , ventilated mattresses , but as they get older and into adulthood, ideally, the mattress’s hardness should decrease a bit so that the joints and bones take less pressure.

Ideally, for older people, they should be flexible and adaptable, so they can rest without putting pressure on the joints.

🚫 🚫 Price

We cannot forget this point, since for many it is a decisive factor; however, it should not be the factor that gives the final vote. We know that mattresses are not always cheap, but it is better to make an investment that lasts for 10 years than to be changing mattresses every 2 years.

So do not forget that the mattress must adapt to your needs and not the other way around, since your health is not a game. In this sense, the cheapest ones are usually foam , followed by memory foam, latex and springs.

 Plus: Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

🚫️ When should the mattress be replaced?

In general, the useful life of a good mattress can be between 8 and 10 years , although if before that period you feel that it is not giving you the rest you deserve, consider changing it for a new one. In addition, the duration will depend a lot on the manufacturing materials and the use that you give it.

🚫️ How to keep the mattress for longer?

Although all mattresses have a useful period, you can keep them in good condition by following these tips :

  • Ventilate it every morning by removing the sheets.
  • If you use a bedspread, wash it at least 3 times a year.
  • Change the bottom sheet frequently.
  • Turn the mattress every 3 or 4 months, if it is reversible.
  • Avoid moisture build-up.
  • Place it on the base indicated for that model.

The best mattress

We have reached the end of our guide to choosing a mattress. We hope that you have found it useful and that you can find the most suitable model for you , where you can rest like a king.