Handmade mattresses: what’s the benefits?

We often talk about the importance of a quality mattress that adapts to our needs for a restful sleep, that is, that makes us recover our energy and cognitive functions. However, we have not discussed the qualities of one type of quality mattress in particular, which provide exquisite support and a luxurious sleep experience (comfort, ventilation, etc.): handmade mattresses.

As with other types of products, in recent years there has been a reflection on the drawbacks of mass production of mattresses and the benefits of reincorporating handcrafting, with natural materials and infinite hours of work and attention to each detail. Beyond fashion, it is about a growing search for personalized, quality service, and products, which values ​​people’s work well done.

Handmade mattresses, inspired by the craft of mattress maker

Handmade mattresses drink from the traditional craft of the mattress maker, whose techniques and skills were passed down from generation to generation. They used to work at home and were in charge of filling mattresses with natural materials such as fabric, wool, or horsehair after cleaning and making them more fluffy to maintain their elasticity and resting properties, thanks to their specialized tools.

In a similar way, manufacturers of handmade mattresses today work each piece in an exclusive way, with instruments and techniques more advanced than a few decades ago and scrupulously selected materials (such as latex, which was not used many years ago), giving each mattress a unique character for a unique rest.

A product with a growing demand

With the very extensive range of products available, especially thanks to online sales, the number of users who are not satisfied with being offered a depersonalized product not designed for them also grows, which does not arise from the prior identification of their unique needs and the will to satisfy them.

For this reason, specialized companies invest time and effort to offer what users will not find in mass production.

Advantages of handmade mattresses

handmade mattress

Following the thread of what we have just explained, below we list some of the advantages of resorting to handmade mattresses:

  •  A handmade mattress has been designed, built, assembled, and sewn entirely by the hands of one or more artisans, taking into account the height and weight of those who will sleep on it and their sleeping habits.
  • The combination of materials and the attachment of these to the padding that is carried out on a handmade mattress are very durable because they have been made firmly and carefully and individually, so they avoid the loss of firmness for longer, making the product more durable.
  • As they are made with natural materials, they are more ecological, hypoallergenic, breathable, temperature regulators, and free of gases and artificial odors.
  • Attention to every detail gives this type of mattress extra quality and luxury, with exclusive designs.
  • By lasting longer they contribute to not generating as much waste since the life of a premium quality handmade mattress is equivalent to that of several mid- or low-end mattresses.

Materials of handmade mattresses

A handmade mattress can be made of any material, but if you want to enhance the qualities of artisan mattresses, it is understood that they must be made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton or natural latex.


It is a traditional material for the filling of mattresses par excellence, with the current beating techniques of the material its deformation is avoided for a longer time; it is naturally hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory (helps you sleep cooler in summer and warmer in winter), and is flame retardant without the need for chemical additives. Wool has become fashionable again with futon-type mattresses, liked by those who want extra-firm mattresses, which can be softly modulated with different types of the topper.


Along with wool, cotton is the material that has been used for decades to fill mattresses, due to its durability, breathability, and its natural character, free of chemicals that can emit gases, before manufacturers opted for foams. polyurethane, which was cheaper. Currently, many of the high-end mattress manufacturers include cotton in their rest pieces, especially those made by hand. Cotton is a firm material, the hardness of which is often offset by soft padding. It is highly appreciated among people who need a correct postural alignment, especially in the cervical and lumbar area, since it does not cause sagging.


Although it is not a material that was traditionally used for the manufacture of mattresses, it is a 100℅ natural option, comparable in benefits to wool and cotton, which today constitutes the basis for top-quality mattresses. Latex is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree, with which a highly elastic foam is made that adapts fantastically to the shape of the body after first soft contact. Like cotton and wool, it is hypoallergenic, breathable, and thermoregulating. It is ideal for people suffering from muscle or bone pain, such as back pain, as they achieve a properly aligned posture that relieves pressure on critical support points.

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