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Are you looking for best mattress platsic covers Mattress Covers If you want to protect your mattress from dust, dirt and other external agents, you have come to the ideal place, because in this article we bring you the best  mattress plastic cover for your mattress

Let me help you decide on which plastic cove for mattress is going to be the best bed cover for your needs by providing you with mattress protector reviews for you to compare.

If you’re not using mattress cover  it doesn’t matter how old you are; it’s time to get with the program and get one on your mattress. You may not have accidents or messes, but your mattress warranty can certainly be voided

 Best Cheap and Affordable Mattress  Plastic covers of this year


SafeRest specializes in mattress covers, encasements, and protected mattresses, helping to ensure your sleep is restful and not filled with the unpleasantness of dingy and smelly build-up on your mattress It also has protection against and is not made of materials that are harmful to health such as PVC, vinyl or similar chemicals. You’ll be able to keep your bed in top form with this mattress protector. It feels like there’s nothing there This mattress encasement keeps your mattress totally protected. It even keeps bed bugs away.


✅  Easy to remove

✅  It can be adapted to mattresses with a maximum height of 45 cm.

✅  Presents 7 comfort zones for each part of your body.

✅ It does  not slide while you sleep.

✅ Waterproof Protection.

✅ Great For Asthma, Eczema And Allergy Sufferers

✅ Machine Washable Hot Or Cold, Tumble Dry Low Heat


🚫 Held in heat a little too much for my liking

It is heavier than other models.

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2. Bedsure Padded – Mattress Plastic  Cover

Mattress protectors weren’t always a must-have item, but only because they used to be so inconvenient. The Nest Bedding  mattress  Plastic cover and  Protector has removed most of the negative issues that people have with mattress covers

The Bedsure cover  is preferred by most users , since it not only fulfills the function of protecting the mattress, but also gives a higher level of comfort to your bed.

In the upper part it presents a special foam that adapts to each part of your body, since it is segmented into 7 different comfort areas , molding itself to your body. It is a feature that not all covers have and it is ideal if the bed is somewhat hard and does not have a memory foam layer.

In addition, it is specially designed for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Its cover is made with a highly breathable microfiber fabric with hypoallergenic properties.

It also has protection against and is not made of materials that are harmful to health such as PVC, vinyl or similar chemicals. best  cheap plastc mattress covers

It has an elastic bottom that allows you to remove it from the mattress easily for cleaning. It must be cold washed to preserve its properties and it is not recommended to dry clean it. On the other hand, its dimensions are ideal for a double mattress .


✅Easy to remove✅It can be adapted to mattresses with a maximum height of 45 cm.

✅Presents 7 comfort zones for each part of your body.

✅ It does  not slide while you sleep.

✅ best mattress  Plastic cover


🚫 Cannot be dry cleaned or hot water cleaned.

🚫 It is heavier than other models.

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Factors to consider when buying a Best mattress  Plastic cover

Buying a mattress  Plastic coveris one of the best alternatives to protect your mattress, especially if your house tends to accumulate a lot of dust, it is hot or there is a lot of humidity, factors that can harm its useful life.

However, and how you could see in the previous list, each model that you will find in the market has different characteristics, focusing more on protecting the mattress , giving you more comfort or protecting yourself from allergic agents.

That is why below we will talk about some characteristics that mattress covers can have, so you will know which model suits what you are looking for and you can make a satisfactory purchase.

🚫 Texture

Most mattress covers are soft to the touch . Some models are even made with silkier materials, giving a more premium feel.

However, that it has these characteristics does not mean that it protects the mattress more or less, it only provides better comfort to the user.

🚫 Breathability for Best mattress  Plastic cover

It is essential that you buy a breathable fabric cover if you live in a very hot area, as this will help keep you cooler at night, avoiding excessive sweating.

It is important to emphasize this point because some covers are designed for cold climates , that is, they make you keep your body warm. That is why you must read this section well to make an effective purchase.

🚫 Hypoallergenic materials

If you have sensitive skin , or you tend to have allergic reactions when you are in contact with certain types of fabrics, you should know that some covers are specially designed to avoid these problems.

They have a soft and breathable texture , and are made with special fabrics for any type of person.

🚫 Padded surface 

It is an extra addition that some covers present, which consists of a foam with a certain thickness, giving greater comfort to the user.

Best mattress  Plastic cover

These types of covers are special if your bed is kept in good condition but is quite hard. By conforming to the contour of your body, it gives you greater rest and alleviates muscle and back pain .

🚫 Protection against mites and bacteria  

Some models have a protection system that prevents the appearance of mites . In addition, when washing periodically, dead skin particles do not accumulate, which can affect your rest and even cause health problems in certain users.

Although it is a not so frequent feature in these products, they are additions that do not raise their cost much and guarantee a better quality of life .

🚫 Type of closure

Many covers feature an elastic row at the base of the skirt , so it can be easily removed for washing. This type of closure holds the mattress well, although it does not protect it underneath.

Some models work with a U-shaped zip closure , so that the cover is firmer while wrapping the mattress on all sides.

🚫 Anti-noise system

The cheapest covers are made with materials that slide on the mattress constantly, producing a noise that becomes annoying for some users, preventing them from resting .

That is why all the models that we show in the previous list have a special texture that does not produce such noises, in addition to being well supported, it will not move unduly.

🚫 Cleaning for Best mattress  Plastic cover

This is another important point in these products. Since there are different manufacturing materials for the covers, each one requires special cleaning .

Generally, the covers that have a foam to improve the comfort of the user, cannot be washed with hot water , as this can impair their operation.

However, if they can be washed with hot water, the most recommended temperature is 40º C , thus eliminating all traces of bacteria and preserving their properties for longer. for Best mattress  Plastic cover

On the other hand, having the best mattress cover is not enough. For this reason, we recommend you see our article on thebest mattresses 

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

🚫️ Are all mattress Plastic covers elastic?

Most are made with stretch-type fabrics . However, the cheaper models do not conform to the mattress as effectively, causing wrinkles and will eventually lose their elasticity.

🚫️ What closure is most effective for   mattress Plastic covers?

The U zip closure is the best option. Although it is not that easy to power or remove, it will guarantee maximum protection to your mattress.

🚫️ Are there 100% waterproof and plastic mattress covers?

Yes. Generally, these models are used for another type of user, such as the elderly or those with incontinence problems. They are easy to wash and will keep the mattress totally hygienic .


The covers are essential if you want to guarantee more years of use to your mattress, in addition to that you will have a more hygienic bed free of dust and stains.

We advise you to read the specifications of each model well and thus choose the one t