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Are you looking for Best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain Sleeping in a bad position or with an incorrect mattress can be a nightmare for our back, which if it is not aligned correctly can cause deviations and excruciating pain. Therefore, if you are looking for a new mattress to relieve your back pain, but you don’t know which one to choose, in this article we will show you the recommended mattresses for back problems and everything you need to know about it.

A worn mattress or without adequate support will cause problems when resting, so, so that you do not feel overwhelmed when looking for the best mattress for the back, it is important that you take into account our recommendations.

Top Affordable mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain

But, before seeing them, it is good that you ask yourself, What is the most important thing in a mattress for back and lumbar pain? Given that we all have different needs and tastes, before deciding on one mattress or another, it is good that you know that the mattress alone will not eliminate any type of ailment, but it can help you rest better. Best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain

Mattresses recommended for back pain and lumbar pain

1. Pikolin Egeo – Best Budget Mattress for Low Back Pain

If you constantly suffer from back pain and when you sleep you feel like you are not resting, the Pikolin Egeo mattress with its layers of viscocarbon can help you have a full night’s rest. It is recognized for its great adaptability , so that you will no longer feel that your body sinks or remains very firm on a mattress. Best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain

Thanks to the fact that it is made with quality materials, it can absorb the pressure of the body, reduce the tension and electricity caused in the muscles, giving the feeling of floating on the clouds. It has excellent finishes and its medium firmness makes it suitable for people with back problems and lumbar pain

But not only does it help you keep your body in the correct position, it also protects you from allergies since it has a triple barrier and high perspiration so that the mattress stays fresh all the time and without bad odors.

Although it is not the cheapest model , it is very resistant and it is confirmed that it can help you relieve back discomfort, so it represents a good investment for your health.


Triple barrier. Quality materials.

 Anti-static effect.

Independence of movement.


🚫 High price.🚫 Medium firmness.

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2. Memory foam mattress – Emma Best (Cheap mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain)

Memory foam mattresses are excellent for resting and eliminating body tensions, therefore, the Emma model is suitable for you if you are looking for a mattress with good performance and that is capable of giving you a complete rest at night.Best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain

Although this is not a high-end mattress, users recommend it for its design and quality materials, which makes it adapt to any type of people regardless of whether or not they suffer from back problems. It has a medium firmness, so it is not too hard or soft and, unlike other mattresses, it does not deform or sag, but rather supports weight very well.

If you are concerned about hygiene, you will be happy with this mattress, because in addition to treatment for mites, bacteria, and fungi, it has a removable cover that you can wash whenever you want. Also, if you sleep as a couple and both require a different mattress, you can add it because it has great independence of beds.

Although it is not reversible, it has a breathable top layer that prevents the mattress from absorbing body temperature and keeps it cool. Its price is affordable compared to its benefits.


Includes 100-day trial period. Soft and pleasant texture.

 Includes hypoallergenic cover.

Good bed independence.


🚫 It is not reversible.🚫 High price.

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3. Cloud Visco C / Gel Mattress – Flex Best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain

The Nube Visco model is classified as one of the best mattresses for back pain on the market, since it has excellent manufacturing materials and adjusts very well to the body to provide comfort.

It stands out from the rest for its adaptability, it is firm and at the same time very comfortable, it has pocket springs so it gives the body an enveloping feeling without sagging and with great freedom of movement. In addition, as it is covered with viscoelastic fabric, it absorbs weight very well and does not deform over time.

It has very good finishes and thanks to its structure with a gel layer, it stays cool at all times, so if you are a warm person, you will not have problems. And because it has a hypoallergenic treatment, you will not suffer from mites, bacteria and fungi.


No subsidence. Very cool.

 Medium firmness.

 Great adaptability.

Ideal you are looking for a mattress for low back pain.


🚫 For people of average weight.🚫 High price.

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How to choose the Best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain?

In the market there is a wide variety of mattresses recommended for back problems, with different designs and characteristics that promise to solve your back problems with the first use, but the truth is that when it comes to health issues, there are many aspects that go into at stake .

Back pain and discomfort are so frequent today and are associated with many causes, such as poor posture, stress, deviations in the spine and even major accidents. Regardless of the origin of the pain, when choosing a suitable mattress for back pain, you should pay attention to aspects such as support, firmness, pressure points and alignment of the spine , since this is what will help you alleviate discomfort in the back. neck, back and shoulders.

In the same way, doctors recommend that the mattress can allow us great freedom of movement and that at the same time it has the adequate firmness so that the pain in the back does not get worse over time.

Mattress type

There is a great variety of different mattresses, but when it comes to materials and designs, mattresses to relieve back pain can be: Memory foam and its variants and pocket springs. Here we show you the types of mattresses that are best for the back and neck .

🚫Memory foam / Viscocarbon mattresses

They generally combine different elements with visco, so they can contain gel, carbon or elastic fabric. No matter which of the 3 you choose, these materials are very good for relieving back pain as they adapt very well to the physiognomy of the body and help to eliminate pressure in the lower areas of the spine and shoulders. However, while this is an excellent choice for back pain mattresses, they are not very breathable and are not recommended for people with a lot of weight.

🚫Pocket Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are another good alternative for the back, unlike the previous ones, they have layers of foam and firm cores, but they are not very hard and are perfect for distributing the weight in a way that does not cause sinking and the lumbar area rest comfortably, thus avoiding that annoying low back pain. The only problem is that the spring mattress is usually very expensive. It is an ideas option if you are looking for a mattress for low back pain.


There is a belief that to relieve back pain you have to choose a mattress with great firmness, but research has shown that this can cause much more damage and discomfort instead of relieving pain . However, when looking for the best mattress for the back and neck, this is a point that you should not overlook.

Currently, the firmness of a mattress of this type is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is extra firm and 10 is very soft. Therefore, the ideal is to choose a firmness of at least 5.3 or medium , as it offers better adaptability and can give your spine a good rest. However, you also need to consider your weight, sleeping posture, and the area of ​​your back that is causing pain.

Pressure points

When we suffer from back pain, we must pay close attention to the pressure points between the body and the mattress, since there may be areas where the mattress pushes your body more, causing the spine to be in an uncomfortable position and causing discomfort.

These points are usually more frequent in mattresses with little adaptability, therefore, you should opt for those with flexible materials and surfaces that can adapt to the curves of your body without sinking into the mattress.

 Alone or accompanied?

It may seem like a small thing, but the truth is that sleeping alone or with someone else can be a key indicator when choosing the best mattress for back pain. Why?

The answer is simple. When you sleep as a couple, the surface of the mattress has to be wider, but it must also support more weight. If you and your partner have variations in weight, it is important that the mattress can adapt to both of you and does not sag over time.

In these cases, a good option is to choose a back mattress of at least 150 centimeters and rotate it from time to time so that it maintains the same firmness as when it was newly purchased.

Now, if you sleep alone, your mattress should have a minimum surface of 90 cm so that the weight is well distributed, but if you want more comfort you can choose a 120 cm one.

Support and structure

Support is an essential point that you should not overlook, if your mattress does not have good support, the weight of the body will cause it to sag and will modify the curvature of the spine, causing back pain.

Therefore, the support must be firm and even so that it can have good stability. Ideally, you should use upholstered bases, couches, articulated beds, and spring mattresses.

🚫Sleeping habits and localized pain

Identifying where your back pain comes from can help you know which mattress is best for you. We recommend that before buying a mattress, you visit the doctor and discover the origin of your discomfort. Remember that a good mattress is only a small part of the solution.

Most back pain is caused by sleeping in bad positions and if, in addition to that, the mattress is too soft or hard, these discomforts are likely to worsen, so it is essential that it has adequate firmness and support.

Similarly, it is also necessary to consider other aspects, which intervene in rest, such as stress, excessive fatigue, changes in temperature and allergies.

🚫 Price

To sleep well you do not necessarily have to pay a lot of money, but to know how to choose what is best for you. When it comes to mattresses and rest, there are inexpensive alternatives that work very well, such as memory foam and memory foam mattresses.

The final test

One way to know if the mattress you are about to take home is the ideal one for your back is to try it yourself for a few minutes. If you go to a physical store, try to lie on your back and fully stretch your legs on the mattress, if you feel that it supports your lumbar area well, does not cause discomfort and an arch does not form under you, this is the mattress you should take.

You should not forget that support in the lumbar area is very important when avoiding back pain. Likewise, we recommend that if you constantly suffer from back pain or lumbar pain, you try to sleep without pillows so that your body is aligned correctly and your back does not suffer.


When buying it is possible that you come across misleading offers, so we recommend that you analyze them well before making a decision, although there are cheap mattresses for back pain, it is not a good idea to trust very low prices since they tend to be mattresses that are easily damaged.