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Are you looking for Best cheap single mattress  to buy Whether you have just moved to a new apartment, or you simply want to change your children’s old mattress, but you don’t know which individual mattress is best for you. Do not despair! In this article we will show you 7 inexpensive and good quality individual mattresses so that you do not waste your money and you can sleep better.

Taking into account that there are countless brands of individual mattresses and a wide variety of models, we have added a buying guide with which you can identify the important aspects that you should know before deciding on an individual mattress , such as breathability, firmness, the price and the degree of rest it provides.

Which single mattress should I buy?

The market is full of individual mattress brands, which claim to be the best, but are they the best for you? If you really want to rest and take care of your body posture, you should not only look at the price or the popularity that it has, but you must take into account that its properties adapt to your morphology and personal needs and, if the mattress is for the children, even more.

Analysis of the Best Cheap Single Mattresses

For this reason, below I will reveal to you which are the best individual mattresses in relation to value for money , according to the opinion of users and experts; In addition, we will analyze each one to know its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Elixir Reversible Memory Foam Mattress – Sleeping best cheap single mattress 

It is the star single mattress of the Dormideo brand , it is recognized for its resistance and durability, since it has very good finishes and provides a lot of comfort at bedtime.

good single mattresses

In addition, because it has two sides, one for winter and one for summer , it represents a real saving if you have a short budget and want a mattress that you can use all year round.

As it has a high-density memory foam ,  it adapts perfectly to the body, preventing sagging, reducing muscle tension and helping you maintain good posture while you sleep.

As if that were not enough, it is indicated for people with allergies, since it has a hypoallergenic and antibacterial treatment that prevents mites and dust from accumulating on its surface.

And its structure is designed to be breathable and very cool, with this mattress you can ensure a night’s sleep without heat or cold. It has a fairly accessible price and is the single mattress most valued by users for its quality. In addition, you can get it in other individual mattress best cheap single mattress 


  • It does not deform.
  • It adapts to different surfaces.
  • Its price is accessible.
  • It has hypoallergenic treatment.
  • best cheap single mattress


  • It may not reach 24 cm.
  • A little bit hard.

2. Premium Memory Foam Mattress 80 × 190 cm – Emma best Price single mattress 

The Emma mattress has been chosen for 3 consecutive years as the best in the organization of consumers and users, for being very breathable, resistant and adaptable to the body . So it is the best option in case you want to make a long-term investment for your home.

Emma single mattresses

It is designed with 3 layers of high-density foam  best cheap single mattress that allows it to be firm and comfortable at the same time, it can support thin people such as those who have a lot of weight very well, so it works excellent in case of receiving visitors, because it can adapt to any person as long as you don’t have serious back problems.

Although this foam mattress   is not reversible, its design makes it very breathable and cool; In addition, its cover can be removed and washed very easily, so that if you have small children you will not have to suffer changing mattresses every time an accident occurs.

Although its price is not very cheap compared to other models, it has a long durability and the quality of its materials are excellent. If you don’t want to have to buy an individual mattress every two years, consider this model.


  • Adaptability to the body in all postures.
  • It supports the weight well.
  • Quality materials.
  • Detachable cover.
  • best single mattress


  • It is not reversible.
  • High price.

3. High Firmness Viscoelastic Mattress – Imperial Comfort Oslo –best Budget single mattress 

This Imperial Comfort Oslo model stands out for two main characteristics: it is a high firmness mattress and a low price. Thanks to the quality of its materials, it has a firm surface that is ideal for people with a lot of weight, helping to maintain a correct posture when sleeping.

the best single mattress

Although its use is not designed for every day, it is a good alternative to place in the guest room or to have in the vacation home if you do not have much budget and you want a resistant individual mattress and with an acceptable quality-price ratio.

Its high-density memory foam  has an Aloe vera coating, which makes it breathable and cool on hot days.


In addition, it includes an anti-mite treatment to avoid allergies and skin problems. Its absorption capacity is medium, so it is not intended to be used in shared beds because it can be very noisy.

If you want an individual high firmness mattress  for occasional use, that resists your weight well and that does not exceed € 100, consider this option since it is among the best cheap single mattresses on the market.


  • It is very firm.
  • It supports the weight quite well.
  • Very economical price
  • Quickly recovers its original shape.
  • best single mattress


  • Not recommended for thin people.
  • Something noisy.

4. Eliocel Orthopedic Mattress –best Cheap single mattress 

What makes the Dormio single mattress special is that it is designed for people with back problems, as its foaming core and medium firmness allow the back to be aligned, thus eliminating tension and pain in the spine, so If you are tired of waking up with back and neck pain, this mattress could help you.

best price single mattress

Its materials are resistant and durable, it has a reinforcement on the sides so that when sleeping it supports the weight of the body very well and does not deform over time.

In addition, its surface is smooth and includes a treatment against bacteria that helps avoid allergies due to mites. best cheap single mattress

Another of its advantages is that it is reversible, so you can use it in summer and winter and be sure that it will maintain an optimal temperature at all times. It fits very well to a double bed to sleep with your partner, as it is soundproof and adaptable.

Its value is below € 100 and can be a great alternative to relieve back and neck pain when sleeping.


  • It supports the weight very well.
  • Ideal for people with spinal problems.
  • Low price.


  • It absorbs moisture.
  • It is not very hard.

5. Zafiro memory foam mattress – Cheap Sinlge Mattress

The Sapphire model is perfect for people who like firmness when sleeping . Its structure resists very well and has the ability to support weight, so if you are a little over kg you will not have a bad time feeling that you sink when sleeping.

amazon single mattresses

Thanks to its viscoelastic layer, it makes the air circulate very well over the entire surface, so that it does not heat up or get wet easily, this makes it the best latex mattress. It is also quite hygienic so it can be used by allergy sufferers without fear of getting sick.

If you have back problems maybe you should skip this youthful mattress , but if you are looking for firmness, stability and freshness when sleeping, then perhaps this is the best option for you.

20% DISCOUNT best  cheap single mattress

The price of this viscolatex mattress is quite low and its materials are certified as a quality product, so it can ensure you a good night’s sleep.


  • Very affordable price
  • Great support and stability.
  • Designed for people of high weight.
  • Hypoallergenic treatment.


  • It only has memory foam on one side.
  • Not recommended for very thin people.

Tips for choosing a good single mattress

Now that you have seen the best cheap single mattress  and are determined to buy one, you must take into account some key aspects that will make your choice easier. Why a cheap mattress is useless if it does not provide a good rest!

An option that may interest you to keep your mattress in good condition is a   mattress protector, check our article and choose the ideal one for you.

If you suffer from cervical pain, it is not only necessary to have the best individual mattress, that is why it is advisable to use a cervical pillow that can improve your pain.

🚫Breathability for best cheap single mattress

To be able to rest all night even in the summer, it is necessary that the single mattress is breathable and the air circulates correctly.

This will prevent moisture from building up and the surface from heating up.

🚫 Padding

The thin layer that covers the mattress will be in direct contact with our body when sleeping, therefore, it is recommended that it have a soft and fresh texture that allows us to rest.

Currently, most individual mattress models include an Aloe vera coating or a stretch fabric layer that provides elasticity and comfort.

🚫 Layers

Each layer has a specific function and helps to increase the volume of the mattress to make it taller and stronger. Some layers can be reversible, elastic, orthopedic, and memory foam.

In this sense, the number of layers will determine the firmness of the mattress, therefore, the important thing is that these layers can be adapted to your physiognomy to make your body sleep in the correct position. Similarly, the thicker they are, the less breathability they will have.

Check well what is the exact space you have and choose the most convenient measure for you best cheap single mattress

🚫 Protection

It is especially important if you suffer from allergies, since, while we sleep, some agents can compromise our health.

Dust, mites and mold can adhere to the mattress and therefore to your skin, so when choosing an individual mattress make sure that it has anti-mite , bacteria, dust and humidity treatment.

🚫 Posture and firmness

If you are one of those who move frequently when sleeping, you will know how uncomfortable it is not being able to fall asleep because the mattress is too firm or soft.

Also, if you have muscle problems or suffer from back and neck pain, you will surely want a mattress that can alleviate your cheap single mattress

In this sense, it is important that you look at the firmness of the mattress , you can get them: Low, medium, high and standard.

  • Low: It is indicated for people with little weight or with joint problems, as it helps to release tension and keep the body in a correct position.
  • Medium: It is one of the most used and is used for the vast majority of people as it adapts very well to body weight and does not deform.
  • High: They should only be used by people with a lot of weight as it could end up causing discomfort in the column.
  • Standard: They have a system that regulates sag and therefore can support any weight and adapt to the body.

If you want an individual mattress that can help you improve your posture, it is best to opt for one with an orthopedic surface; however, this must be indicated by a doctor.

🚫 Practicality

It will depend a lot on the use that we are going to give the individual mattress, since while some can be used continuously, others are only for special occasions.

So, it is important that you are clear about what you want an individual mattress for , either to sleep every day, to take on trips or to use with visits. In either case, the individual mattress must be able to give us comfort and rest throughout the night.

On the other hand, remember that for greater durability of your mattress it is necessary to have one of the best mattress covers , we invite you to see our article and choose the best one.

❔ Frequently asked questions FAQ

✅ How much money should be spent on a mattress for one person?

It is very possible that you are wondering how much an individual mattress costs, and that is that price is a key factor when choosing a product and more if your budget is low. Although generally a higher price, better quality, this does not always apply, so that it is possible to find individual mattresses of excellent quality without having to spend a fortune.

Regardless of the price, the ideal is to choose a mattress that can offer us rest and comfort when sleeping. However, among the price ranges you can find:best Cheap Single Mattress

  • Cheap individual mattresses (less than  80) : Although their price is surprisingly low, these mattresses are usually indicated for occasional use , since the comfort, support and quality of the materials are usually very limited.
  • Quality mattresses for one person (more than  80): These are individual mattresses that can be used for years and that can guarantee you long-term comfort; however, they are not available to everyone.

What is the best single mattress on the market?

A common mistake is to think that by buying an best cheap single mattress  individual mattress, you will obtain quality, when the truth is that to find the right individual mattress, the ideal is to analyze its characteristics carefully.

Similarly, an inexpensive mattress can provide you with excellent benefits, if it suits your needs. Therefore, the recommendation that we give you so that you are completely satisfied with your purchase is that you look at your budget, review the characteristics of the models that you like and finally compare the benefits they offer you , only then can you make a good purchase .

Remember that rest and comfort when sleeping should be your priority when choosing a mattress. In this sense, we hope that our list with the 7 best individual mattresses has helped you to find your suitable individual mattress  cheap single mattress

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