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Are you looking for best cheap quilts If you don’t have a lot of money to invest, but you don’t want to be cold in the winter, then you should take a look at the selection of quilts that we have compiled in this article so that you can find the best cheap quilt

Top Best Affordable Quilts Guide

Many have the misconception that quality equals high cost, but in this comparison, we will show you that you do not need to spend a large amount of money to buy a comforter that will keep you warm during the winter. And, so that you can decide the one that best suits your needs, we are going to analyze the 7 best cheap quilts and their characteristics.

We know that quilts have very varied characteristics, so to help you choose the model that best suits you, we have added a buying guide in which we will tell you what to look for when buying an inexpensive quilt.

Analysis of the Best Cheap Quilts 

After reviewing a large number of options on the market and determining which are the good alternatives, we compiled for you what we consider to be the 7 best cheap quilts.

1. Utopia Bedding Fiber Duvet (Best Affordable Quilt)

We start with a model that stands out especially for its good quality and price ratio, it is the Utopia Bedding fiber duvet , which is an excellent option if you have a short budget , but want to rest with a superior quality duvet.

Made with a 1200 gr silicone hollow fiber filling, this quilt is ideal for you if you live in hot or humid places where the cold causes great discomfort. It has a density of 375 g / m and can work for both autumn and winter, as its warmth level is high.

It comes in white and in addition to being attractive, it is comfortable and light like down comforters. It has good insulating properties, so it can be used in unheated rooms and keep you warm. Although its dimensions are somewhat fair, you can choose between several sizes to adapt it to different beds.

It has a cover that is very soft to the touch and as its design has a box pattern, the padding adjusts so that there are no cold areas at any time. It is recommended for allergy sufferers , since it does not accumulate dust, it is treated against mites and it can be washed in the washing machine.


✅  For autumn and winter.✅  Low price.

✅  It can be washed in the washing machine.

✅  Good insulating properties.


🚫 Its dimensions are small.🚫 Some colors are only available in specific sizes.

2. Sleepling 197213 Four Seasons duvet (Best Budget Quilt)

Now, if you suffer from allergies or your skin is sensitive, our recommendation is the Sleepling 197213 four- season duvet , which is not only ultra soft, but has been specially designed to remain hygienic.

Unlike the previous one, this quilt is made entirely of polyester microfiber, which is found both in the filling and the cover that covers the quilt and is able to adapt to be used throughout the year.

It has a design of closures that allows you to combine two quilts, one for warm months such as summer and the other for cold months such as autumn and winter. Although it is made of polyester, it has a very soft and pleasant touch, which allows you to rest comfortably throughout the night.

It is quite light and breathable, which means that it can be washed in a conventional washing machine at a temperature of up to 60 ° C without damaging or deforming. While it dries quickly, for best effect, tumble dry is recommended. It is treated against allergies, mites and other agents that cause respiratory problems.


✅  It is suitable for use in the dryer.✅  It has hypoallergenic treatment.

✅  It is light and comfortable.

✅  No odor.


🚫 Its price is a bit high.🚫 It is not very warm in winter.

3. Pikolin Home – Duvet / Duvet filling (Best lightweight quilt) 

If you are very cold and need to stay warm throughout the night to sleep well, the best option for you is the Pikolin Home duvet , which is designed with advanced technology that makes it perfect for winter.

It is made with a silicone hollow fiber filling that has a density of 300 gr / m2, making it ideal for autumn and winter. For its part, the outer polyester fabric has a feel similar to down, making it very soft and comfortable.

The design and construction of this 105 bed quilt   allows the filling to be distributed evenly so there are no cold spots and it keeps you warm even without the use of heating. It adapts very well to the shape of the body and has good breathability, so you will not feel overwhelmed at any time

It comes with hypoallergenic treatment and anti-mite protection that makes it a good alternative for people who suffer from allergies and skin problems. It can be easily washed at home at a moderate temperature so that your materials last longer.


✅  Good perspiration.✅  Withstands temperatures below 20 ºC.

✅  It can be washed in the washing machine.

✅  It has hypoallergenic treatment.


🚫 The dimensions are a bit tight .🚫 It’s a bit fine.

4.  Amazinggirl All Year Duvet Cover

In case you want to sleep warm throughout the year , a good alternative for you is the Amazinggirl duvet , which combines its properties so that you have a quilt for summer, autumn and winter in one.

The 135 duvet for bed is made with a classic filling of fine fiber polyester, which in addition to being pleasant to the touch, is very resistant and breathable. It provides a high density that makes it much more comfortable when sleeping, especially in the cold months.

Since it is intended to be used year-round, it can regulate the heat to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, even in high humidity.


It is treated against mites, dust and other agents that can cause allergies and asthma, so it is a good alternative for children , babies and people with sensitive skin. It can be washed in a domestic washing machine at a temperature of 60 ° C without losing its shape or being damaged.

🚫 Why buy this quilt? It is light, light and has very good heat regulation, making it a good alternative to use throughout the year.


✅  It has hypoallergenic treatment.✅  For the whole year.

✅  Smooth texture.

✅  Good heat regulation.


🚫 The measurements are a bit fair.🚫 It’s a bit fine.



Buying this product today, you save € 2 (9%)

5. SABANALIA Lightweight Duvet 150g

Coming from a brand as recognized as this, we cannot expect anything other than excellent quality, so the Sabanalia duvet is perfect because in addition to having a competitive price, its features are advanced.

It is made with a 6D polyester siliconized hollow microfiber filling, which unlike the previous ones, is special to regulate the heat and adapt it to different times, so that you can use it throughout the year . Its design is quite attractive so that you can combine it with your room, while its weight of 150 + 350grs / m² makes it padded.

Comes with a frosted polyester microfiber outer fabric with hypoallergenic treatment that prevents the appearance of mites , bacteria and other agents that cause allergies and respiratory problems.

Light quilt for spring / summer; Fully breathable and machine washable up to 60 ° C

Its checkered design prevents padding from accumulating in a single point and causing cold spots. Because it is sturdy, it can be machine washed without fear of warping or damage.

🚫 Why buy this quilt? It is one of the recommended models of the brand, it has very good characteristics and the best thing is its price is not high.


 High grammage  .✅  For the whole year.

✅  Can be washed at home.

✅  Hypoallergenic and breathable material.


🚫 The cloth bag is not breathable.🚫 Very hot with heating.

Considerations before buying a cheap quilt

As you may have noticed, there are many cheap quilts on the market , although not all have good benefits, so it is important that so that you can make a good purchase, you take into account these considerations that can help you choose.

🚫 Filler

The material of the filling is one of the most important points that you should consider before buying, since this is what will determine the quality of the quilt .

  • Natural fillings: they can be of duck, goose and other bird down and feathers, as well as natural cotton or wool. They are quite thick and padded, so they provide warmth and regulate the temperature very well. And although they are of very good quality, they can cause allergies and are not cheap.
  • Synthetic fillings: These are fibers and microfibers, usually polyester or cotton. They have good thermal properties and are breathable, so they can be used in times of high humidity. They do not require so much care when washing them and their price is quite low.

🚫 Confection

It is what allows the quilt filling to be evenly distributed and there are no empty areas. Although there are several designs, the best in this aspect is the system cooked in wide squares .

🚫 Gramaje

It can vary a lot from one comforter to another, your choice depends on what time you are going to use it and how well you can handle the cold. In this sense, you can choose:

  • For the mountains and extreme cold : A grammage greater than 400gr / m2.
  • For winter in the city : 250 gr / m2 and 300 gr / m2 is enough.
  • For the summer or slightly more humid climates : 100 gr / m2 is a good option.

🚫 Length / Size

If you do not know what size to choose, it is good that you consider certain aspects before buying, such as: Your height, if you move when sleeping and of course, the dimensions of your bed . Similarly, if you have doubts, keep this guide in mind:

  • 150/160 X 220/240 for bed of 90
  • 180 X 220/240 for bed of 105
  • 220 X 220/240 for 135 bed
  • 240 X 220/240 for 150 bed
  • 260 X 240 for 180 bed

🚫 Hygiene and safety

As the duvet will have direct contact with your skin, it is good that you take hygiene into account. Although it is not recommended to wash the duvets very regularly, it is good that you check if they are easy to clean or absorb moisture, in the same way, if you have skin problems or suffer from allergies, it is best to make sure that you have some hypoallergenic type of treatment .

🚫 Price

We know that price is a determining factor for you, so in order for you to make a quality purchase, we collect only the options that we know can give you very good results and are also not so expensive. Therefore, our recommended models are between 20 and 60 euros.

On the other hand, you would like to see the best offers on the best mattresses , so we recommend you see the article on the best cheap mattresses .

 Frequently asked questions FAQ

 How heavy can a duvet have?

To answer this, it is good to know that everything has to be balanced, since nobody likes to be too hot or too cold, so the quilt must be able to adapt. The minimum grammage you can find is 100 gr / m², while the highest is 600 gr / m².

 Is a duvet cover the same as a duvet?

No, what differentiates them is the filling. While the cover only serves to cover the bed, the duvet being filled , shelters you and keeps you warm.

The best cheap quilt: which one to choose?

It is important that you keep in mind that the best quilt must be comfortable and warm to withstand the coldest nights, so before purchasing one you should think about your needs. Our selection of the 7 best cheap quilts can meet your expectations very well, so you can consider them when buying.