Best Cheap Car Mattresses | Mattress Guide | 2020

Looking for a Best Cheap car mattress that can meet your needs? With so many brands and models on the internet, it is a tedious job to see and analyze dozens of mattresses.

Better keep reading. In this buying guide, we have taken care of saving you the difficult work, so you can go directly to what you want, make your purchase. We gather the best models of car mattresses that you can find online, and we will explain what their main characteristics are and what benefits they can bring for you.

We will also detail the positive and negative aspects of each mattress, that way you will know in a concise and direct way if they can be useful or not, our intention is that you do not waste your money. When you finish reading, you can make your own comparison and make a decision much faster.

What is the Best  Cheap Car Mattress?

Next, we will start with our analysis. What can take hours, will only take a few minutes thanks to the information that we will give you.

Best 5 models of  Cheap car mattresses 

1. Sinbide Inflatable Mattress

A product that can adapt well to many varieties of cars, this Sinbide inflatable mattress can be used in four-door cars. However, it does not fit just any car, the size of this will depend a lot on how well the mattress can be placed.

The specified size is 137x88x45 cm, after it is inflated. But, the measures are usually smaller. If those numbers don’t fit your size, it’s best to go for a larger, more rectangular model. It really is a mattress that is great for people who are short and who can sleep in the fetal position. The mattress shape is more of a square, so your feet can slip out if you stretch too much.

It is composed mainly of high-strength flocculate, this means that it does not wear out quickly and can last several years, even so, it is always good to take care of it. It is easy to clean and can be dry cleaned, stains are also easily removed. At the same time it is antiallergic thanks to the PVC compound that integrates it, so you will have a calmer sleep.

Even though it is specified that it is for two people and comes with two inflatable pillows, we really do not recommend it for more than one adult person. Two children, or small people could sleep without problems, but when it comes to people of another type

Another problem it presents is the motor to inflate it, it is not of the best quality and it can break down quickly. The best thing is that you buy a substitute so that you do not run the risk of having to inflate it by lung.


✅  A very affordable price.✅  Resistant and anti-allergic material.


🚫Not suitable for two people.🚫The motor can be damaged quickly.

2. Topfit Model 3 – Inflatable mat

It is not a model with a cheap mattress price , but it is still within the affordable range. The Topfit Model 3 is a universal inflatable mattress that adapts very well to many varieties of car.

This model is more suitable for two people, its shape is much more rectangular so it is good for people with a height greater than the average, up to 1.80 tall. In width it offers a measure greater than one meter, they will sleep a little together, but there is enough space for two. It does not come with pillows, but it does have a headboard to provide more comfort, and at the bottom it has a special padded area for the feet.

PVC is the material that compose it, it is of high quality. This makes it an antiallergic mattress, and waterproof and humidity. At the same time, it is non-slip so you don’t have to worry about getting off the mattress. The velvet surface makes it a cool mattress, but at the same time it can keep the body temperature well at night.

It has its own motor to inflate it in less than 2 minutes, and it appears to be of decent quality, even so, we advise you to get a hand pump, just in case.


✅  Space for two people.✅  Fits many cars well.


🚫Do not bring pillows.

3. FMS Inflatable Mattress SUV

If you are looking for a mattress to put on the back seats of your car, then this FMS inflatable mattress may be useful to you. If you are a person who does not exceed 1.40 m in height, you can sleep comfortably without having to adopt a fetal position. Now, if you are taller, better look for a larger model, or you can sleep a little rolled up if you don’t mind.

It reaches a maximum height of 38 cm, and holds the pressure of the body well. It is true that after the night it wakes up a little deflated, but not enough to disturb sleep, even so, it remains comfortable.

It is not for two people, with only 90 cm wide the space is not enough, children could fit without problems, but for adults it only works if you are going to sleep alone. An advantage of its small size is that it adapts very well to various car models, making it one of the most universal for one person.

It is made of high quality PVC, so it is a mattress that can withstand low and high temperatures well, and works well according to each one to make sure it does not get too cold or hot, it never hurts to use covers and sheets. . The surface texture is smooth, velvety, making it very comfortable.


✅  Fits many 4-door cars well.✅  It inflates quickly thanks to its pump.

✅  Good quality material.


🚫It  only works for one person.

4. Inflatable Drive Mattress

The Drive mattress is something that you cannot miss on long trips, if you do it alone. Yes, like many mattresses that are put in the back of cars, it is recommended for one person.

This inflatable mattress is smaller than the previous one, it does not reach 1.40 m in height, which increases its disadvantages. But only if you are a tall person, those of short stature or those who do not mind sleeping with their feet up, they will find it quite comfortable to spend the night in the car.

Bring two pillows with you, if you decide to sleep together, the best way for both of you to be moderately comfortable is to sleep in a fetal position and be well together.

A good feature is that the PVC material from which it is made is also composed of a breathable flock, which means that it does not get too hot.

in case of hot weather. And on cold nights it can withstand and maintain body temperature.

Its price is quite affordable, but unless you travel alone, our best recommendation is that you spend a little more to get a mattress big enough for two people, especially if the trip will be of several nights.


✅  Comfortable and protects well against low temperatures.✅  Bring a pump to inflate.


🚫Small for 2 people.🚫May deflate overnight.

5. Sinbide – Inflatable SUV Mattress

If what you need is a mattress for two people, then this Sinbide SUV inflatable mattress may be what you need, in addition to having a very affordable price that does not reach € 60.

The measurements that are specified are 180-195 × 130 cm, which is quite good and is ideal for two people to sleep, we only ask that you take into account the possibility that it does not reach those measurements, but anyway It is a good mattress for two people, capable of withstanding a pressure of 250 Kg. It has a headboard that is 12 cm high, enough to give the head a surface to rest on. Also do not forget that comfort will depend a lot on the capacity of the car, so if it is not very wide, it would be somewhat uncomfortable.

A good thing is that it is not limited only to being a mattress, as it is divided into several parts, which are inflated independently, it can also become a sofa for the day. Its PVC material makes it comfortable and breathable.

While it does have a pump to inflate it in 3 minutes or less, it can sometimes be a bit cumbersome because the nozzles don’t fit well, you need to get the hang of it. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may lose some air at night, but not enough to lose comfort.


✅  Good value for money.✅  Suitable for two people.

✅  Comfortable and withstands low temperatures well.


🚫The pump is not of the best quality.🚫It  can deflate at night.

🚫 Buying guide: What do you have to keep in mind when buying a car mattress?

The features will tell you everything you need to know about a mattress, and if you know what your needs are, you can easily choose.

 The dimensions

When it comes to car mattresses, there are many sizes. Will the mattress be just for you or will you have a companion? If it can only be installed in the back seat, then it is for one person, no matter what the specs say, it is true that it can fit two people, but it would be too uncomfortable.

For two people we recommend a more rectangular mattress, the kind that unfolds from the back seat to the suitcase. They are much more spacious than those in the back seat, it is possible that you sleep very close, but at least it is safe to fit two adults.

And even if it’s just you, you might want to buy the rectangular mattress. Since the rear seat ones are short, if you are taller than 1.50 m you may need to sleep in the fetal position, and if that doesn’t matter well to you, a longer surface is better for you otherwise.

🚫 The material

These mattresses have no comparison to a real bed, be aware of that. However, some are better than others. A mattress with a velvety surface is convenient for you, it is not only much cooler and can regulate the temperature, but it is soft to the touch, avoid materials that are similar to plastic or leather.

Also make sure that the material is anti-allergic and, especially, that it has a cover that can be removed for washing, even if it is dry. This improves maintenance a lot and so you can clean yourself after each trip, to avoid bad smells.

🚫 Durability

Make sure it is sturdy and can withstand shocks and body pressure. These inflatable mattresses suffer a lot of bumps during travel, and if you want it to last for years you need a resistant material, no matter how much you take care of it, it will always suffer damage.

🚫 Transportation

Being inflatable they are very easy to take on a trip, you need a flexible mattress that can be folded well so that it does not take up too much space, especially if the trip is several days long, and space is essential for resources.

⁉️ Where can you buy the best inflatable car mattresses?

The 5 models that we have analyzed here are from Amazon, and it is the place we recommend the most. On the internet there are many sites and online stores, but on Amazon you will have the opinions of customers and direct contact with the manufacturer. In addition, you can always make a return in case there has been a problem with your mattress.


Do you already have the ideal mattress you want to buy? You can take a moment more to think about it, that is why we have also given you several points that you should consider when buying the best mattress for cars, you can review them and thus determine what you need the most.

With the information we gave you here, we hope we have helped you. Remember, you do not have to go directly to buy the most expensive, you can always get a mattress with an excellent value for money, which will cover your personal needs.