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Are you looking for Best Cervical Pillow  Although mattresses are a key point to sleep well, pillows should not be neglected, therefore, in this post we have prepared a list of the  best cervical pillows so that you can choose the most suitable for you.

Although there is no pillow that magically solves all back problems, there are models that can help you alleviate them, so that, so you don’t have to search hundreds of web pages, in this post we collect 7 good models of cervical pillows that can be adapted to different tastes. In addition, so that you can make the right decision, we show you its most outstanding characteristics, its pros and cons.

What is the Best Cervical Pillow?

Now, when choosing a cervical pillow, it is necessary to consider certain factors , such as the way you sleep, age, weight and material of manufacture, which are key to rest. And to help you decide between one and the other, you can see all the information that we have collected for you is our buying guide.

Analysis of the Best Cervical Pillows of this year

We are aware that with so many models on the market choosing the best neck pillow can be complicated , that is why in this ranking we have gathered the opinions of users and experts so that you can get the right pillow for you.

1. Pack 2 memory foam pillows 

A frequent fear when buying a memory foam pillow is that it will sag or deform, but with the Seasons Pack 2 you do not have that problem, since it has an excellent reception and adaptation while remaining firm. So with this pillow you can release tension in the cervical and sleep better.

It is made of memory foam, so its density is high and can last for many years, so this is a long-term investment. Its design is flat, allowing greater adaptability and freedom when resting the head and neck.

Now, if you are one of those who sweat a lot when sleeping, you will like this pack 2 because both have good breathability and prevent the absorption of sweat and dirt, making the core to be preserved for much longer. Since there are two of them, the first one has aloe vera treatment, while the second avoids night trips, making it a good option for couples.

If you want a set of pillows that can be adapted to different tastes, then you should try the Seasons-Pack 2 memory foam pillows, which are ideal both for their quality and for their low price.


✅  Two pillows for the price of one.✅  Fits very well.

✅  Protective cover.

✅  Treatment with aloe vera.


🚫Does not include hypoallergenic treatment.🚫The cover cannot be washed.

2. Power Of Nature (best pillow for neck arthritis) Best Cervical Pillow 

If you frequently suffer from neck and back pain and want to have a pillow that can soothe you, you should try the Power Of Nature Memory Foam Pillow , since it is specially designed to correct sleeping posture to keep the spine aligned.

It combines layers of memory foam and gel in its structure, so that it is firm, but adaptable and can be of great help especially for people who sleep on their back or side, although it can be used as a conventional pillow.

Its design prevents movements during the night , allowing the neck and back to remain aligned no matter how much weight you have. With this pillow you will never be too high or too low when sleeping, so you can rest without discomfort throughout the night. And because it contains layers of gel, it stays cool and doesn’t absorb body heat


✅  Suitable for all types of weight.

✅  Keeps the back aligned.

✅  Suitable for sleeping on your side or on your back.

✅  It is breathable.


🚫Not very comfortable when turning.

🚫 They give off odors.


3. Todocama pillow (best pillow for neck pain side sleeper) Best Cervical Pillow 

What makes this Todocama memory foam pillow special is that it is highly adaptable, so it can be used for all types of weights and its firmness means that it is neither hard nor very soft.

It has a high-density memory foam core that keeps the spine aligned with the neck to avoid discomfort when sleeping. It gives an enveloping sensation and at the same time adapts depending on the pressure you exert on it. It is a good option if you want a medium point of firmness when sleeping.

Unlike the previous ones, this  aloe vera pillow has two breathable covers, which not only allow the pillow to stay fresh and clean, but are also treated against mites, bacteria and other vermin that cause allergies. This pillow has been created without toxic products, so it does not give off odors or cause skin irritations.

If, in addition to sleeping in the correct position, you want a pillow that prevents allergies and stays fresh, then you shouldn’t look any further, because the Todocama model is all you need.

ADVANTAGE Best Cervical Pillow

✅  Includes anti-mite and bacteria treatment.

✅  It is cool and breathable.

✅  Comes with two covers.

✅  Its firmness is adaptable


🚫Its price is somewhat high.

🚫It can be smooth.

. MARNUR   Pillow ( pillow for shoulder pain)

It stands out particularly for its shape, since it has various cavities and contours that allow the cervical to rest in a correct position, for this reason the MARNUR Orthopedic Foam Cervical Pillow is an excellent alternative.

Its design is of the occipitocervical type, which means that it gathers the head and neck to give it good support, while helping to maintain the natural curve of the cervical. In addition, the spine and arms are perfectly distributed to achieve maximum comfort. It is made of memory foam , so it is very adaptable and does not deform regardless of the weight it supports.

It has a polyester outer cover that can be easily removed and washed and a cover for transporting it outside the home, so it is ideal for use on the road. However, as it does not have a perspiration system , if you are one of those who sweat when sleeping, this pillow may produce heat.

Although its shape is not at all similar to conventional pillows, it has very good support and is perfect if you move a lot while you sleep.


✅  Good ergonomics.

✅  It adapts to the shape of the body.

✅  Includes protective covers.

✅  For people who move while sleeping.


🚫It does not have hypoallergenic treatment.

🚫It is not very breathable.

5. Uttu cervical memory foam pillow Best Cervical Pillow 

It is one of the models with the best ratings on the market and that is because the Uttu cervical memory foam pillow is designed with quality materials and its price is quite accessible. So it is an excellent option if you are looking for something inexpensive , but with good benefits.

Its structure is made with high recovery memory foam, so it does not deform and provides good support for the neck and back. Unlike other foam models, it does not harden or soften with the change of season and since its height is adjustable, you can adapt it to the way you sleep.

It has an exterior design that promotes breathability, since it is covered with a polyester and bamboo fiber cover that absorbs moisture and prevents the appearance of fungi and bacteria on its surface. This pillow is certified and as its materials are resistant, it has a great durability.


✅  Its design is ergonomic.

✅  You can adjust the height.

✅  It is economical.

✅  It has good perspiration.


🚫 It does not have an inner sleeve.

🚫It is not very firm.

6. Supportiback  pillow for neck pain 

This model stands out from the rest, since it has been specially developed by orthopedic doctors , which means that its effects are fully proven. With the Supportiback therapeutic pillow you can relieve headaches, back, neck and shoulders.

Its structure is made of high-density memory foam, so that it helps the weight to be distributed evenly over the entire surface and the pillow does not deform over time. It is a good option for recovery after surgery and to reduce snoring and respiratory problems.

Although foam is not a very breathable material, this pillow has gel sheets that prevent heat from concentrating on the surface and also remain more hygienic. It comes with a removable cover and with hypoallergenic treatment that prevents the appearance of mites and bacteria.

Although priced above average, this pillow is certified and made from chemicals and toxic- free materials , making it a worthwhile investment.


✅  Orthopedic design.

✅  It has therapeutic effects.

✅  Dissipates heat.

✅  Includes hypoallergenic covers.


🚫It’s a bit expensive.

🚫The manual comes in English.

What should I consider when buying a Best Cervical Pillow ?

Cervical pillows are especially suitable for people who suffer from pain and discomfort in the back and shoulders, so much so that they cannot get to sleep; However, as each case is different and we all have different ways of sleeping, it is important to take some aspects into account when buying a pillow , such as the ones we present below.

– Materials

As with mattresses, pillows are designed with different materials and although each one has specific characteristics, there are some that adapt better than others . Now, among the most used are:

– Recovery pillow

They are usually made of memory foam or a combination of this material with another such as carbon, gel and foam. It is quite flexible and elastic, so it adapts easily to different types of bodies, however, they are not very breathable and can accumulate heat.

– Memory foam pillow

They are characterized by recovering their shape immediately thanks to a rebound effect and can be more or less breathable depending on their combination with other materials or if they use a thermal cover.

– Latex pillow

They are not as frequent as the previous ones, since their firmness is usually low; however they are a good option for allergy sufferers because they do not retain dust, heat, and bacteria.

– Density

It is determined by the amount of layers of material it contains inside; however, when it comes to cervical pillows, it should always be the same on all models, so that you can align it and keep it in the correct position.

– Size

Although there is no standard measurement for cervical pillows, manufacturers make them with the degree of ergonomics they will provide in mind. So we can find them in different sizes and shapes .

– Design

Among the most common the UUQ stands out, but it is possible to find other forms in the market. This has the peculiarity that the sides have a variability in size, so it can be adapted depending on the needs of each person.

Now, when it comes to innovative and advanced models, it is possible to find pillows with backs, armrests and even reliefs.

– Breathability

If you sweat a lot at night, this is something to be concerned about. Although the most breathable models are latex and memory foam, it is possible to find advanced models with gel and viscocarbon , which prevent heat from accumulating on the surface.

– Adaptability

It refers to that feeling of seclusion and comfort usual in mattresses, which is also possible to find in cervical pillows. But, you must bear in mind that if it is excessive, it will probably sink with your weight, which is why pillows made of elastic visco, foam or natural latex are the best options since their firmness is medium.

⁉️ Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How many cervical pillows should I use to sleep well?

That will depend on the position in which you sleep, but in general, it is recommended that they be 2 to achieve good support.

– Should I choose a pillow with high density?

For this it is important that you consider your tastes, remember that the denser a pillow is, the more firm it will have, while the breathability will be less. The density of the cervical pillows is only one , so you do not require more volume.

Conclusion: Buy the best cervical pillow

Rest is one of the most important things to be full of energy, so you should not only  pay attention to buying a mattress , but you should also pay attention to your pillow. We hope this guide has helped you find the best cervical pillow for your needs and that you can start sleeping better from now on.

Finally, remember that if you suffer from very frequent back pain, it is best to see a doctor.