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If you love camping and want to embark on your next adventure, Best camping mattress for couples but you don’t know which is the best camping mattress  , in this article you will find 5 options that can adapt to your needs.

Although going camping is an adventure, the ideal is to be comfortable throughout the night, which is why it is so important to get a good mattress for camping. But, since there are so many options, so you don’t get lost trying to decide, below, we will show you what we consider to be the 5 best mattresses for camping.

And to make it much easier for you to choose, we are going to show you the advantages and disadvantages of each mattress, as well as a buying guide with a series of tips that you can follow in order to find the most suitable campign mattress for couples

Analysis of this year’s Best Camping Mattresses for Couples

If you go camping frequently, you will know how annoying it is to sleep on a mat, so if you are still not sure which camping mattress to buy, take a look at the list of the 5 best camping mattresses that we prepare for you.

1. Milestone Camping 88000

If you are looking for an economical model , but of good quality, the Milestone 88000 camping mattress may be an option for you, since in addition to having an attractive design, it is very resistant and easy to store

One of the most important things when buying an inflatable mattress is comfort, therefore, this mattress has a firm and ribbed vinyl structure that makes it resistant and durable, so you can sleep peacefully all night with you couple without feeling like you you sink.

In the same way, the outer part is waterproof and velvety, so that it gives a very soft feeling when lying down. Although it may seem small, it has enough space for 2 people , so you can sleep in it with your partner or enclose the children without problems.

It has a safety valve with which you can inflate and deflate it in a short time and thanks to its design you can fold it and store it without complications, so it is a good option for both indoors and outdoors.


✅  Its surface is waterproof.✅  It is easy to store

✅ It is not too heavy  .

✅  Inflates in no time.


🚫 It does  not have a transport bag.🚫Requires a pump to inflate.

2. Unigear Portable Inflatable Mat

Now, if you want a mattress that does not take up much space and you can take it everywhere, our recommendation is the Unigear Portable Inflatable Mat model , since it does not take up more space than a one-liter bottle of water. and it is best for Couples

Its design is ultra-light and compact, which makes it perfect for exploring the world as a backpacker, traveling and camping anywhere without complications. It has a resistant structure made up of corrugated air tubes that make your body fit and rest in a good position.

While it may seem small, it is 2 inches thick, ensuring good support and stability when sleeping. In the same way, since its design is wavy, you can sleep  in any position without feeling that you sleep on the floor.

Since it is made of nylon polyester and has a TPU coating, it not only supports weight well, it does not absorb heat or deflate from leaks. It comes with two valves to inflate and deflate without much effort and a kit in case of punctures on the outside.


✅  Includes two valves.✅  Compact and lightweight.

✅  Good thickness.

✅  Easy to store.


🚫Lose a little air.🚫 There are cheaper  models.

3. Campingaz Quickbed

Going camping with the your partner  does not always have to be complicated, so if you want to save space and sleep well while being in contact with nature, the best for you is the Campingaz Quickbed model.

Its design is wavy and ergonomic so you can rest perfectly as if you were at home. It is made of durable PVC 0.35mm on the inside and 0.55mm on the outside, so it resists punctures and scratches without deflating.

It has an innovative double lock valve that blocks the air so that it does not come out while you are lying on the mattress and as it can support the weight well , you are sure that you will not wake up on the floor.

Although it is a bit heavy compared to the other models, it is intended to be used by two people , so you can save space and forget about having a bad night on your vacation trip in nature.


✅  Includes repair kit.✅  The valve has a double lock.

✅  Easy to inflate.

✅  Good firmness.


🚫It’s a bit heavy.🚫It is quite high.

4. Bestway inflatable inflatable camping bed

What makes the Bestway  camping mattress stand out is its strength and comfort. It is intended to be used by a couple, so it supports weight very well and its surface is very soft, which allows them to rest all night. Best camping mattress for couple

This model is manufactured with a structure of interconnected cylinders that makes it have a good base so that the body does not sink and a flocked surface that allows you to rest in a comfortable and ergonomic posture.

Likewise, since it contains vinyl, it picks up weight well and doesn’t warp or sag while you’re sleeping, so it’s completely safe. This mattress is a good option both when you go camping, and when guests come to each and decide to spend the night.

It is quite spacious, so its weight is a little higher than the previous ones; however, it is easy to store and only takes 160 seconds to inflate with the included air pump. Comes with a carry bag and a puncture repair kit.


✅  Robust structure. It comes with an inflator  pump.

✅  Includes carrying bag.

✅  It has good stability.

Best camping mattress for couples


🚫It’s a bit heavy.🚫The pump is noisy.

5. KingCamp mattress for Camping Mattress for couples 

Finally, if what you want is to sleep like a king while you are camping, the best for you is the KingCamp mattress , which incorporates superior technology in its structure so that you can rest perfectly as if you were in your bed of all kinds. days.

Unlike the previous ones, this mattress stands out for its 3D design, which gives a firmer and safer support so that the back does not touch the ground and stays aligned while you sleep. It has a thick foam with a rebound effect and a 30D stretch fabric with a TPU coating that makes it waterproof, resistant and very safe when sleeping.

It inflates quickly thanks to its 2 valves and since it has a grip screwdriver, no air escapes or does not need a pump to inflate . It reaches a large enough size that can sleep up to two people and since it is 7.5 cm thick, you do not touch the floor when sleeping. Best camping mattress for couples

Although it is a bit heavy, it inflates easily and has a practical bag with which you can store it and take it wherever you go, making it the ideal travel companion for adventurers.


✅  Includes a repair kit.✅  It is resistant.

✅  Ergonomic design.

✅  Good support.


🚫It’s heavy.🚫 It is not very economical.

🚫 Tips for choosing a good camping mattress

Before buying a camping mattress, it is important that you take into account some recommendations that can help you know which model is best for you and your partner  according to its characteristics. Therefore, below, we have summarized what we consider to be the most important thing you should know.

🚫 Types of camping mattresses Best camping mattress for couples

Initially, you should know how to identify the type of mattress that best suits your needs, so, among the types of camping mattresses for couples  we have:

Foam mattresses

They are made with a foam rubber core and a canvas covering that makes it much more pleasant to the skin. They are quite thick so you don’t feel the contact with the ground and it is very similar to being in a normal bed. However, the downside is that it takes up a lot of space.

Inflatable mattress

They are one of the most suitable for camping since they do not take up much space , they are comfortable and their material is resistant. The downside is that they can deflate or puncture if they come into contact with a stone.

Folding and portable mats (rollable for camping)

They are less thick than traditional mattresses and their structure can be folded to take up less space; however, as it requires the use of a sleeping bag, it is a bit more expensive in the end.

🚫 Measurements

As you could see, it is possible to find mattresses for one person or two, so the dimensions vary depending on the number of users who use it. So, what you should do is see if the measure you choose can support the weight of your body.

🚫 Height

Since there is a lot of variety in this aspect, what you should know is that the further away you are from the floor, the more comfortable it will be. So it is recommended that it be between 20 and 30 cm maximum.

🚫 Resistance

Once you are clear about what type of mattress you need, it is important that you pay attention to its resistance, since, if you are going to spend a lot of time outside, the most convenient thing is that it allows you to be comfortable outside. In this sense, you should look at the amount of weight it supports, the thickness of the material and whether it is waterproof.

🚫 Padding

In addition to stamina, you should think about comfort, after all, you don’t have to have a bad night by sleeping away from home. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, make sure that the padding is comfortable , soft and can distribute the weight of your body well so that it does not sink.

🚫 Insulator

Sleeping outside can be a horrible experience if it is hot or cold, so to avoid a bad time, it is good that you take into account that the mattress has thermal insulation so that it remains at an ideal temperature for the body.

🚫 Pump and ease of inflation

Inflating a mattress is sometimes an annoying task, so if you go camping outside, the ideal is that you do not complicate too much, So, the most recommended in these cases is that the pump is electric or manual with which you can save a lot part of the job.

🚫 Air retention

You shouldn’t forget about this, since no one wants a mattress that deflates while you sleep, so you should pay attention to air retention. Regardless of whether it is used frequently or more sporadically, the inflatable camping mattress can be made of vinyl, polyester and PVC , which prevent air from escaping.

 Frequently asked questions FAQ

 How long should I inflate the mattress?

That is going to be determined by the size of the mattress, but generally, small or medium ones take between 1.5 and 2 minutes to fill completely, while larger ones can take up to 4 minutes.

 Should I add covers on the inflatable mattress?

Although they do not require a quilt on the outside, the vast majority of users prefer to place a bedspread so that the mattress is more secure.

Conclusion: The best mattress for camping

Now that you have seen our models of the Best camping mattress for couples for camping and you know what you should consider when buying, it is time to make a decision. So, remember that if you are going to camp, the ideal is that the mattress be resistant, portable and waterproof , since this will give you a better experience.