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Are you looking for best back seat Mattress  In our opinion, our site is one of the best places to buy a car mattress online. The site allows you to read comments from hundreds of users around the world. That’s why we used it when creating our list of the best car mattresses.

Top Back Seat Mattress


It has no risk of allergies, made from three good quality PVC, the inflatable car mateals do not present any risk of allergies, at the same time, it is easy to maintain. Easy to clean, wipe with a towel. A bed for two, the inflatable mattress is capable of supporting a load of 250 kg, the standard for four people. However, sleeping comfort is closely dependent on the capacity of the car. Multiple use, this inflatable mattress is very practical, not only is it an inflatable mattress in which you can rest and sleep at the back of the car, but it can also become a sofa, it is placed upside down to the outside. The sofa version is useful when you pose upside down on the outside of your car or at home. A comfortable bed,

Good accessories, this kit comes with an electric lighter pump that allows it to inflate in less than 3 minutes. It is also along with a storage bag, allowing you to easily carry it without filling the car.


It has five independent air chambers. Adjusting the amount of inflation to fit the interior space, as shown in the figure, it is suitable for more than 95% suvs, mpvs. Use the attached 12v electric air pump, you can make a comfortable double bed in 3 minutes. It is your portable bed during camping, traveling, long distance driving. Cold resistant down to -25 degrees celsius; environmentally friendly breathable breathable pvc flock high quality fabric, has a suede leather feel. 5-piece double sealed air nozzles; load capacity of up to 300 kgs.

Multi-function: the bed can be folded to trust, makes us more comfortable, as shown in figure 3 / It can also be folded in the back seat as shown in figure 4. Contains: a suv bed, a pump 12v electric inflatable, a repair kit.


Folding use: all unfolded (for 2-3 people) overlapping half (for one person) two ways, multiple options. Portable storage: wear the storage belt, after storing the air cushion, the volume is small and light, easy to carry. Automatic inflation: The unique automatic inflatable cushion gives you a good rest every time you travel. Comfortable material: using pongee fabric, environmentally friendly material, smooth surface, portable and easy to wash, waterproof and breathable. Comfortable Wear: The core is made of high-quality elastic cotton, high-density sponge and comfortable support are selected.


Generic off-road design: three-fold inflatable structure, whose sides (corresponding to the armrests) are optional, so that it can be adapted to the width of the car. With this design, you can expand or not the bed after inflating it, so that it fits correctly into the real space. High quality PVC: The inflatable mattress is made of PVC and PE with high concentration of polymers, comparable to aviation quality level. It is not viscoelastic, but neither toxic nor odorous. Multi-dimensional, high-density coated surface, plus noise reduction. Special air pump and inner bed lining with overload resistant design and self-protection against punctures.

Easy to inflate and deflate: integrated air pump, which connects to the car cigarette lighter. It takes about 3 minutes to fully inflate the bed, while to deflate it you only need to open the multiple nozzles it contains and squeeze so that the air is coming out. Outdoor activities: sometimes, especially with the elderly or children, you need to rest temporarily. While you fish, the rest of the family can take a nap in the car. It is also a good way for the elderly or children to rest when they are tired.

Perfect for lovers, during the silence of the night and with the illumination of the stars, the car will become a romantic, comfortable and private space, attracting the passion to spend a dreamy night.


Good accessories, this device is equipped with an electric cigarette lighter that allows you to inflate in less than two minutes. It also comes with a storage bag and two inflatable pillows that make it easy to transport without having to fill the car. A double bed, the air mattress can support a weight of 250 kilograms and the standard is four people. However, comfortable sleep depends on the capacity of the car. Multiple uses, this inflatable bed is very practical, it is not only an inflatable bed, in which you can rest and sleep behind the car, but it can also be a sofa, placed face down, for example, outside the car or house.

Easy to clean, easy to maintain. It can be cleaned directly with a towel. Comfortable, made of high quality PVC, soft and comfortable, micro-fluffy feather-feeling surface.

Car Travel Air Mattress

This car bed set is foldable, suitable for almost all cars, suv. Our designer team goes to almost every 4s store in the city to make sure it fits all car models, to provide the best customer experience, it takes 2 years to finish this product. Super comfortable: exquisite flocking surface, crumbled design, 6p eco-friendly material It is multifunctional and ideal for car bed, suitable for long-distance travel, outdoor activities, camping, etc. It is suitable for more than 90% of cars. Comfort: environmentally friendly PVC material + breathable flocking bettoberfläche; cold resistant: -25 degrees celsius. Package Content: 1 x Inflatable Bed. 2 x Pillows. 1 x Air Pump. A pump that connects to the car’s cigarette lighter provides quick and easy inflation. Convenient and efficient: it only takes 2 minutes to inflate or let the air pass through the electric air pump.