Best Anti-mite Mattresses | Mattress Guide | 2020

If you are interested in buying the best anti-mite mattress that can satisfy your need, then read on. Here we are going to give you valuable information so that you can make a purchase with which you are satisfied.

Should a good anti-dust mite mattress be just for kids? What about the materials so that it can be effective? We’ll answer those questions and more in this buying guide. You can buy a model that protects against allergies at a good price and with excellent quality.

What is the best anti-mite mattress?

We have gathered 5 models, now we will analyze them to fully explore what they can offer, and if they are really able to satisfy you with what you need. In the end, you can make a fairly fair comparison.

Analysis of the Best Anti-mite Mattresses of this year

The best models of anti-mite mattresses on the market

1. Dormio Zafiro – 90 x 190 cm memory foam mattress

If you want a memory foam mattress with anti- dust mite protection for your child, then the Dormio Sapphire , in its individual model, may interest you. Let’s see what it offers.

Its core is made up of Eliocel, which is a high-resistance material that gives the mattress a solid surface, this gives it a medium-low level firmness, it is somewhat rigid, but not too much for the weight of a child. it may be enough for the surface to sag slightly and conform to the shape of your body.

With this in mind, it should be understood that it is not a mattress with a high degree of firmness, therefore, if it is subjected to a lot of weight with frequent use, it will deform in a short time. Our recommendation is that if you are looking for a 90 × 190 mattress  for sporadic use, that is not for someone very heavy, this is the best you can buy


✅  Good price for a single mattress.✅  Viscoelastic layer that adapts to the body.


🚫Height is less than specified.🚫Recommended more for children.

2. Emma – Premium Memory Foam Mattress 150 × 190 cm best anti-mite mattress

Now we go with a matrimonial model for best anti-mite mattress, this premium Emma memory foam mattress offers a soft and comfortable surface.

You have here a 150 × 190 memory foam mattress with a medium-low firmness, it is padded enough to offer relief in pressure points, and give a feeling of muscle relief, so it is useful if you want to minimize low back pain.

The only detail is that it is not the most resilient of the anti-mite mattresses made with viscoelastic material. It is very good to be used intermittently, although the foam provides a firm surface, it can sink with frequent use, especially if people weigh more than 70 kg.

Another reason why we say that it is more recommended for sporadic use, is because of the material of the fabric, it is breathable and during the winter it preserves the body temperature quite well, however, in summer it is not the coolest mattress to sleep on. comfortably.

Due to its anti-mite protection, we would say that this double mattress is an excellent option for older people who need a soft surface and also do not weigh too much.


✅  Very good for winter.✅  Protection against mites and dust.

✅  Lightweight.


🚫Hot material.🚫 It becomes  deformed with frequent use.

3. Imperial Relax – Deluxe Viscografen Mattress 105 × 190

The imperial relax viscografen mattress has one of the matrimonial models with one of the best value for money for a mattress with anti-mite protection. best anti-mite mattress

Let’s start talking about its core, in technical terms it is made of Super-Nature PUR with a density of 26 Kg / m 3 , this means that its level of firmness is bordering on the medium-low, therefore, it is a mattress with a soft surface and a viscografen layer that adapts very well to the body, releasing pressure points and providing a comfortable rest.

But this also has its disadvantages, especially for more demanding people who want a more rigid surface, because, being constantly subjected to high weights, the surface will tend to deform faster.

Its actual height is about 25cm, which is fine and gives it a more stable and solid base. This thickness allows you to offer two faces, one for winter and one for summer. Each one is made of special material to, on the one hand, preserve body temperature, and on the other to dissipate it to be cooler.

It is also a hygienic mattress. First you have protection against mites, which will prevent allergies from disturbing your rest, it also prevents the accumulation of dust. And, on the other hand, the material allows great breathability between the layers, so moisture and bad odors do not accumulate.


✅  Very efficient protection against mites and dust.✅  Soft and comfortable surface.

✅  Very competitive price.


🚫Having a firmness below the average can deform with weight.

4. DORMIDEO Thunder – Memory Foam Mattress

As an individual mattress , the Thunder Dormideo is an excellent option if you are looking for the best anti-mite mattresses for the smallest of the home.

The surface has a stretch fabric, which is a hygienic, breathable material that gives a soft feeling. It also helps give the Thunder the mite protection you need for a special mattress for children. You can prevent allergies from worsening since eliminating the mites also reduces the accumulation of dust. best anti-mite mattress

The fabric also gives it breathability, making it a cool mattress that can give the person a quite comfortable feeling, especially on hot days. This feature also allows you to remove odor-causing moisture from mattresses.

We have already mentioned that it is ideal for children, and it is that between the layers that make up this mattress, there are 2 cm of viscoelastic foam, which provides a firm but soft surface, which will adapt very well to the body of a child or an elderly person. The only thing is that, being so thin, its firmness is below average, so we do not recommend it very much for adults with a lot of weight.


✅  Prevents the proliferation of mites.✅  Surface that adapts to the body.

✅  Breathable fabric.


🚫Low firmness.🚫More suitable for children.

🚫 The actual height is about 19cm

5. The Mattress Storage – Memory foam mattress

Leaving behind the models with a firmness below the average, here we have the viscoelastic mattress from El Almacén del Colchón , a model with higher rigidity.

Do you want a mattress that prevents allergies and also has the firmness you want? With a density of 63 Kg / m 3 this is the most rigid model on our list. But we are not saying that it is a board, simply that it has a greater firmness, a 3 cm memory foam that offers good adaptability for the body of any adult or with a lot of weight.

One of the things that makes this anti-mite mattress so good is the special treatment that has been applied to give it this hypoallergenic characteristic, which is even certified by OEKO-TEX. So say goodbye to allergies caused by dust mites and accumulation of dust.

And to increase the prevention of allergies, the fabric is breathable, so the moisture that produces fungi is also eliminated. In addition, this adds a freshness that will allow you to regulate your body temperature, especially in summer.


✅  Special treatment for mites.✅  Breathable fabric.

✅  Medium firmness to relieve back pain.


🚫More recommended for adults or heavy people.🚫The actual height will be below 20cm.

Advantages of buying an anti-mite mattress

If you are still not entirely convinced why you should buy a mattress with protection against allergies and mites, here are four of them:

  1. The materials used are manufactured in such a way that they ensure better hygiene.
  2. Thanks to this first point, we can take better care of our health, or that of our children. You will avoid allergies.
  3. Not only are they effective for mites, they can also prevent the proliferation of bacteria, as they are mostly breathable.
  4. You do not have to worry about the materials producing some kind of reaction, they not only protect from allergens, but are also comfortable.

🚫🚫 Buying guide: These are the things you should take into account in order to buy the best anti-mite mattress that meets your needs

It is not enough that you choose the first anti-mite mattress that you see, it is also necessary that it meets your requirements. For them, these are the things you should take into account.

Other mattress options that may interest you are the viscolatex mattress or    pocket spring mattress .

On the other hand, keeping your mattress in good condition is essential to increase its durability, so we recommend the use of a mattress protector .

🚫 Material

When you want to buy the best anti-mite mattress or cheap crib mattress on the market that meets your need, the materials will be one of the most important points that will determine which model is for you. The material will dictate the effectiveness of the protection it will give against mites, so choose well.

The most common material that you will find is latex, which you will find in more affordable anti-mite mattresses, but of good quality.

However, in recent years new materials have been implemented with a hypoallergenic treatment. Sure, these will add to the cost, and are used to make higher-end models.

🚫 Thermoregulable

One of the things that help a lot to give an anti-dust mite mattress the ideal comfort for you is the material that is used so that they can regulate the temperature of the body. The body emits heat and the mattress must be able to absorb and dissipate it.

The best anti-mite mattresses are capable of doing this in two ways. First, there are the materials, there are special fabrics that are responsible for giving that feeling of freshness, especially in summer.

Another way that anti-mite mattresses dissipate heat is through breathability. The mattress fabric is usually made of a stretch-type fabric, which allows air to circulate. Natural fibers are also used, as in the case of some that use bamboo.

A breathable mattress not only regulates the temperature on summer days, but also prevents the accumulation of humidity and bad odors.

🚫 Size

This is already a matter of taste or need, the size is not really going to determine the quality of your anti-mite mattress.

As there is a high probability that you are looking for such a mattress for a child, then we tell you that the most appropriate dimensions of a good single bed are 80 × 190 cm. These have a surface that is comfortable enough for a child to move freely.

You can of course opt for slightly larger models, but you don’t need to spend extra money on larger mattresses if you are only interested in an individual model for a child.

🚫 Height

The height will be a factor that will determine the quality of your mattress. The thicker the model you plan to buy, the less likely it is that it will warp over time.

But, it also takes into account the type of use that is going to be given to it. Honestly, if the mattress will be for a child, it is very difficult for its weight to deform it quickly, so a 20 cm model may be enough.

Now, for older people or those who tend to be heavy, the 25 cm and up offer a fairly resistant surface. Of course, while the thickness is greater, the firmness can also be higher.

⁉️ Where can you buy the best anti-mite mattress online?

The best recommendation that we are going to give you is Amazon. One of the main reasons why you should buy your anti-mite mattress here is because you can always take advantage of a good offer that allows you to acquire a quality mattress at an excellent price.

In addition, through Amazon you can ask questions and clarify your doubts regarding the model you want to choose. The 5 mattresses that we have analyzed here, you will find them on Amazon at an affordable price.


Now do you know how you can  choose an  best anti-mite mattress for yourself? We have analyzed 5 different models and, in addition, we gave you important information that will help you when buying a mattress . Now, it is only up to you to make a purchase that you are satisfied with, and we hope we have helped you.