Best Anti-decubitus Mattresses | Mattress guide | 2020

What is the Best Anti-decubitus Mattress?

There is a great variety of mattresses, but you must take into account that a good Anti-decubitus mattress greatly increases the quality of life.

Therefore, if at this moment you are considering buying an anti-bedsore mattress and you don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, don’t go away, because in this buying guide we have a complete analysis of the best anti-bedsore mattresses on the market.

Top  Anti decubitus Mattresses Best Mattress

1 # Anti-decubitus mattress with compressor, Mobiclinic

The Mobiclinic anti-bedsore mattress is designed so that the patient who uses it can feel complete relief, thus activating blood circulation, which does not allow bedsores to form.

Its operation is not complex, it is about cells that inflate and deflate for very short periods of approximately 6 minutes . What most attracts your attention is the compressor since it is very silent which will not disturb the rest, and it is easy to use.

In addition, the material with which it is designed is very resistant , for the reason that it is made with high quality PVC .

On the other hand, it has fireproof material which is ideal to avoid damage if for any reason an accident occurs, so that its operation is always as indicated, it must remain connected.


Among the variety of Antiescaras mattresses on the market, it is one of the most sold due to its great value for money. You can handle it easily and without disturbing the rest of anyone, because it is very quiet.


✔️ Helpful.✔️ Resistant.

✔️ Easy to use.

✔️ Affordable price.


🚫 It must always be connected.

2 #SY-200 Interchangeable Pressure Mattress

This SY300 Anti-decubitus Mattress  has an air compressor, which has the alternation of cells that avoids the prolongation of the discomforts that are associated with spending a long time in one position.

It has 130 cells whose function is to inflate and deflate every 8 minutes , thus adjusting at all times. This is one of the most outstanding characteristics because it provides greater comfort to the patient .

It is also very easy to use , it should only be adapted to the mattress of daily use even if it is double. On the other hand, when you finish using it, you can easily save it . Folding it and storing it wherever you want.

This alternating air anti-decubitus mattress is of very good quality and is made of fire-retardant PVC , so it is not only an easy-to-clean material, it is also capable of avoiding any danger that may be caused in the environment where it is located.

In addition, you will not have to worry if any of its accessories fail, you can easily buy spare parts for each of them . And best of all, they are very accessible.

It does not consume much electrical energy which is a great benefit, because in order for it to work as it should, it must be constantly connected, this is what some does.


✔️ Easy to use.

✔️ Affordable price.

✔️ Greater comfort.

✔️ Customizable.

✔️ It does not take up much space.


🚫 It does not support more than 100kg.

3 # Apex Domus 2 Plus, Alternating Pressure Anti-decubitus Mattress

The Apex Domus 2 plus mattress can be used for patients with pressure ulcers or grade 2 bedsores. It has 18 cells that constantly inflate and deflate every 9.6 minutes , thus fulfilling the function of improving blood circulation and preventing the formation of bedsores .

In the part of the head it has 3 cells that do not alternate, which is of great benefit to the patient, with this feature its comfort will be unique. In addition, if for any reason any of the cells that make up the mattress is damaged, with this it is possible to change only that damaged cell without the need to replace the mattress.

The compressor that it has is very useful , since it can make it inflate quickly and also with an alarm it can warn when the mattress pressure drops.

The Apex Domus 2 Plus alternating air anti-decubitus mattress has a Nylon cover that is waterproof , vapor permeable and does not hurt the skin . The measurements are 200 x 80 x 10.2 cm and it has a weight of 4 kg , which favors the transfer, making it the best anti-decubitus mattress on the market .


✔️ Easy transfer.✔️ Practical compressor.

✔️ Comfortable.

✔️ It has a cover.


🚫 Capable of supporting a maximum of 140kg.

4 # AnteaMed Anti-decubitus Kit Air mattress and pump with regulation

This AnteaMed Anti-decubitus Kit has been designed to prevent pressure ulcers  when the patient is in bed. It has a compressor to regulate the pressure , this can be placed in the type of bed you want.

In addition, it is very silent , so it will not disturb the rest of the patient . It has 1 30 bubble components , which measure 7 cm which usually cause a lot of comfort. It is capable of supporting  a maximum of 135kg.

The value for money is one of the defining characteristics of this anti-decubitus mattress, it also contains a very appropriate repair kit in case it breaks down. It is made of PVC, a very effective and durable material.

The dimensions of this air mattress are 200 x 90 x 7cm , that size makes it very ideal when it comes to moving it.


✔️ Affordable price.✔️ Silent compressor.

✔️ Avoid pressure ulcers.

✔️ Comfortable.


🚫 The material is a bit hard.

5 # Anti-decubitus mattress with cell alternations, Mobiclinic

This other model of Mobiclinic anti-bedsore mattress , it is recommended to use it even once the bedsores have already appeared and are in their first degree. It can be adapted to a maximum of 135 kg. Its design is very practical , since thanks to this it can be easily cleaned.

It has anti-galling cells , which are individual, inflate and deflate every 6 minutes , which allows the patient to feel constant relief and on the other hand, contributes to the appearance of bedsores .

It is an anti-decubitus mattress with alternating air that has a compact, silent and easy-to-use compressor . Its measurements are 23cm long x 11.5cm wide x 10cm high . In addition, it weighs only 1 kg , thus being one of the favorite characteristics of users. Therefore, it can be moved without any inconvenience. It is made with PVC material and it is easy to get spare parts for both the mattress and the compressor.


✔️ Easy to move✔️ I practice.

✔️ Easy to clean.

✔️ Value for money.


🚫Material a bit hard.

Anti- decubitus Mattress: Buying Guide

If you have a family member who has to stay in bed for a long time due to a recovery or physical injury, common mattresses can cause conditions called bedsores.

This is because immobility does not allow adequate blood circulation . Therefore, using a mattress that does not allow these problems to occur is ideal.

These skin conditions should not be taken for granted , as they can worsen quality of life. So being in bed can be longer than estimated.

❔❓❔ What is a bedsore mattress?

If you plan to buy an anti-decubitus mattress, you should know that these air mattresses usually come in several models, they can be made with air or polyurethane compound . They are generally used in hospital beds or in the homes of those recovering from a physical injury.

The use of these anti-bedsore mattresses  is ideal for those who spend more than 15 hours a day in bed , which when using an unsuitable mattress can easily cause pressure ulcers that are also known as bedsores to appear on their skin.

They have a special surface, which distributes the weight of the body , which helps to relieve pressure  and thus prevents the appearance of bedsores , although they are common, it is important to avoid them as they can cause serious problems and discomfort to those who suffer from them.

✏ How to choose an anti-bedsore mattress?

When you have a family member with a health problem, who by medical recommendation should take a long rest and spend a lot of time in bed, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible . Even if you constantly change your position, the contact of the skin with the common mattress will make it very sensitive.

That is why it is necessary to choose a good anti-bedsore mattress , the ideal one so that your relative feels comfortable and can rest pleasantly.

However, there are many types of Air Deposits Mattresses, that is why before buying a mattress you should know the most important characteristics , having knowledge of the benefits that each one offers you will make the choice easier for you. On the other hand, a good option is to ask the GP which one she recommends to the patient.

❓❓ How does an anti- decubitus air mattress work?

All air anti-bedsore mattresses have special functions , knowing how they work is essential so that they can be used in the best way.

It is suitable to be used when at home there is an elderly , sick person , or at rest due to a surgical intervention , so rest and comfort is very important , which will only be obtained with the appropriate accessories.

If you would like to have other mattress options that can improve your rest, see our articles for articulated bed with mattress or  orthopedic mattress .

🚫 Components

It is composed of the mattress and a compressor . In the latter there is a switch to turn on and off. In addition, it includes a pressure regulator which controls the air pressure.

Also on the back of the compressor it has hangers to place it on the bed in a comfortable way. On the other hand, there is the air outlet hole and the electrical power cable at the bottom.

🚫 Installation

If you are looking for an advantage in a simple installation, this Antiescaras Mattress has it. For an excellent installation, don’t forget these steps.

  •  Make sure the mattress is in good condition .
  •  Place the mattress on the bed. Tie it to the bed with some nylon straps if it is the case.
  •  Suspend the compressor from the bed rail. The hangers should be securely fixed in a vertical position, or place it on a flat area .
  • Connects the air outlet and inlet to the compressor.
  • Connect the power cord.
  • Proceed to turn on the power switch.
  • Set the pressure regulator to the proper power, this will depend on the weight of the person using the Air Anti-decubitus mattress.

🚫 Operation

Once the previous steps have been completed, the mattress has been installed correctly so it can be used when you need it. When it is going to turn on you only have to activate the power button , at that moment the compressor will begin to expel the air towards the mattress .

Whenever you want to inflate it, you must keep the pressure regulator on the highest power. Thus the filling will be much more efficient. Therefore, before being used you must turn it on 15 minutes before .

🚫Cleaning the mattress

Before being used it is best to use a damp cloth for the compressor. Which will prevent some kind of infection due to any circumstance. It is important that the compressor is kept away from dust.

☝ Type of anti-bedsore mattresses

Having a mattress that produces bedsores is not the best option. And this unpleasant injury to the skin can be prevented with an anti-bedsore mattress . There are different types of these functional air mattresses , so you should know them before investing in any of them.

🚫 Anti-decubitus Air Mattresses

They are made with polyvinyl chloride , this material is plastic, also resistant and flexible. It has ducts that simultaneously inflate and deflate. And all this is thanks to the incredible and practical motor that works with the electric current.

As a result, it is very beneficial since it helps to alleviate if the patient suffers from any pain and reduces the pressure caused by spending so much time in one position. In addition, blood circulation improves, so bedsores do not appear.

On the other hand, this mattress is easy to clean due to its simple design. It is also easy to move due to its practical measurements and weight.

🚫 Anti- bedsore mattresses

This wonderful mattress on the outside is designed with a plastic or PVC that makes it very resistant. On the other hand, it is filled with water , and for that it brings a measure so that the filling of the water is indicated.

Another very outstanding feature is that by means of an electric plug it is possible to make the waters warm, this will make whoever uses the mattress feel very comfortable.

🚫 Reversible silicone fiber anti- bedsore mattresses

It is made up of cylinders, through which the air circulates. Said cylinders have been made of fiber, but silicone is also present in their material. As a result, the position of whoever uses this mattress will improve greatly.

🚫 Anti- decubitus mattresses in the shape of an egg cup

It is a mattress that provides special comfort to those who are in bed for a long time . It prevents the appearance of the dreaded bedsores and achieves this with its contoured space that has the function of distributing the patient’s weight so that pressure points are not created.

🚫 Anti- decubitus mattress with automatic motor

These automatic motor mattresses are so practical. The motor is silent and although it works continuously it does not consume much electrical energy , so you will not have problems using it as many times as you want.

🚫🚫Where to buy anti-decubitus mattress?

If you want to buy any of these wonderful Air Anti-decubitus Mattresses at this time, you can buy it in any establishment that has the one that is most useful for you for sale. But if you want to obtain it without the need to search too much, we recommend doing it through the most reliable internet store, or you can also search in your browser as amazon anti-bedsore air mattress .

Here you will not only get the best prices , but you can also buy the anti-bedsore mattress you want with just one click. And the best of all is that you will not have to move from the place where you are, you can do it by any device that has an internet connection.

🚫 Why buy an anti- bedsore mattress?

Because when it comes to improving comfort, it’s the best. Not using an anti-decubitus mattress and staying in bed for a long time in one position can cause serious skin conditions, and an anti-decubitus mattress can save you from all of that . In addition, the prices on the market are incredibly affordable and it is very easy to get as an Amazon anti-decubitus air mattress .

🚫 Improve health with an Anti- decubitus Mattress

Considering improving health, whether it is yours or that of a relative, we have determined that acquiring any of the Air Anti-decubitus Mattresses  already analyzed will give you good benefits . In addition, to obtain them you will not have to spend large amounts of money. And remember that good health should always be paramount.