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Are you looking for  Best 90 × 190 Mattresses We spend a little over 2,500 hours a year on a mattress , which leads us to think carefully about how vital it is to choose this product with care, especially since most of the people who use this type of 90 x 190 mattress are children and developing teens who need enough sleep to grow up healthy

Fortunately, most of the brands in charge of making 90 x 190 mattresses do so bearing in mind important points for the benefit of our health and that of the smallest of the house.

That is why in this comparative guide we will give you a detailed analysis of the 5 best 90 × 190 mattresses ; in addition to several tips that will help you make a good choice.

Analysis among the Best 90 × 190 Mattresses in 2020

1 # Sapphire Dorm 

The Dormio Zafiro is a 90 × 190 memory foam mattress , with a height of 21 cm (although it is also available in a height of 24 cm).

90 x 190 mattress

It has a high resistance ELIOTEL core and three capable of padding that allow it to conform to the natural curves of the body causing greater relaxation of the muscles.

It has anti-mite , anti-mold, anti-bacteria and anti-allergic treatments that contribute to benefits for the respiratory tract, as well as anti-static properties that prevent garments from sticking to the body in dry weather seasons.

This  90 x 190 anti-mite mattress combines the great firmness contained in its core with the thermoregulatory characteristic , a product of high-density memory foam, which makes it sensitive to both body and environmental temperature, so you will enjoy a good temperature while you sleep .


Dormio Zafiro – Memory foam mattress, White, 90 x 190 x 21 cm

Total height 21 cm; ELIOCEL core of high resistance and 3-layer padding; Anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-static and anti-allergic treatment

Great firmness and intermediate hardness. Made with excellent quality materials, certified by OEKO TEX and AITEX . The characteristics of the Dormio Zafiro mattress 90 x 190 make your purchase guaranteed. Also available in other sizes such as the 90 × 200 mattress .


  Available in two different heights.
 Adaptable for better sleep.
 Excellent quality materials.
 Good Price.


🚫It only has memory foam on one side.

2 # Sleepy Elixir

The Dormideo Elixir model is a 90 × 190 viscoelastic mattress , with anti-bacteria treatments, perfect for you to enjoy a pleasant and replenishing sleep. It is one of the most recommended 90 x 190 mattresses in stores like Amazon due to its excellent quality and price ratio.

This 90 × 190 memory foam mattress is reversible with a winter side and a summer side. The winter one is 3 centimeters Visco soft plus TNT fabrics , which, although they will not give you that cloudiness, will be enough to sleep comfortably.

As for the summer face, it has Gel fabric in 3D fresh , which indicates that it has greater breathability than the winter face, although less viscoelastic. This face will give you better breathing when sleeping.

It is made from an ELIOCEL core, which indicates that it is a high-density foam mattress  and its hardness is a bit on the high side. If you want this mattress in other measures, it is also available as mattress 135 × 180 , mattress 80 × 200 , mattress 80 × 190 , or mattress 180 × 200 .

The reversible viscoelastic high firmness mattress has an available height of more or less 24 cm (although because it is a rolled mattress it is possible that the height does not reach exactly the promised measurements, as it happens in most cases with this type of mattress ).

The edge of the perimeter closure is not removable so that the core does not move, preventing early deformation towards the sides of the mattress.

Its antibacterial properties are perfect for fighting dirt and allergens . Besides, it has very good bed independence and is very silent thanks to the fact that it has no springs. Being one of the 90 x 190 mattresses that you can find on the market.




🚫 According to some users, it tends to sink after a short time.

3 # Imperial Comfort Oslo

The imperial comfort Oslo is a 90 × 190 memory foam mattress in white. At present it is one of the cheapest mattresses that you will find in the market and of very good quality.

The hardness of this imperial comfort oslo mattress is intermediate and non-deformable , which makes it perfect for those who want a good rest with little adaptation and greater firmness, but always considering the ergonomics of the body.

The manufacture of its core has been from a high-density sensopur foam, which comes with double padding for its two faces with about 15 mm of high-breathability profiled foam.

Made with a white stretch fabric , which in turn has been treated with Aloe Vera properties that contributes to benefits for the skin; in addition to facilitating perspiration , thanks to the fact that it is a knitted fabric that is interlaced with highly elastic fibers, which guarantee correct air circulation in the core and thus give the mattress a long useful life.

The height of the imperial comfort oslo made of stretch fabric is 21 cm, it is completely reversible and its structure is multilayer with permanent anti-mite treatment.


 It has a fairly reliable performance.
 Great firmness with consideration to the ergonomics of the body.
 Excellent durability and breathability.
 Good value for money and quality.


🚫 Over time it may sink into the frequently used area.
🚫 It’s quite heavy.

4 # Emma Mattress 190 × 90

The Emma mattress  is one of the best products that you can find in the mattress market, it receives the first place in OCU quality in Spain . It has been made in Germany and has received awards in about 6 countries in Europe for its excellent quality. It is one of the best that you can incorporate into your bedroom.

It is a 90 x 190 mattress that has support for the column . The intelligent structure with which it was made, makes it possible for the pressure to be distributed by the different layers and helps you have a good posture at bedtime.

The Emma mattress is medium firm , perfect for those who prefer a mattress that is neither so soft nor so hard.

It has the latest Airgocel visco technology, which grants great successive adaptability of the body, due to its point of elasticity.

It is a youthful mattress   with good bed independence, that is, it does not perceive the hugging sensation, which is present in many memory foam mattresses, so you can move easily without feeling trapped or sunken.

It has excellent breathability , thanks to the adequate ventilation that its materials have, because the pores present in the fabric prevent bad odors, night sweats and wear, this makes it ideal for hot people. Its thermoregulatory property contributes to a long and comfortable sleep.


 Materials of exceptional quality.
 It is very cool while you sleep.
Spine support for good posture while sleeping.


🚫 Little documentation.
🚫 Some may have a hard time adjusting.

5 # Orthopedic Dorm

The Orthopedic Dorm is a 90 × 190 mattress manufactured in ELIOCEL which makes it very comfortable and available in 21 cm and 24 cm height. It is wrapped in a padded stretch fabric based on ANTIBLOCK fiber. It is also endowed with antibacterial treatment.

It has excellent adaptability that helps to avoid muscular tension , as well as contributing benefits for a good rest and a good night’s sleep.

Completely ergonomic , so it conforms perfectly to the shape of the body. Made with a cover-to-cover padding; It comes with the platform made with stretch fabric with open pores and mesh aerators ideal for good perspiration .

It is a very silent Eliocel mattress so you won’t have to worry about the annoying noises caused by other mattresses. The orthopedic bedroom gives you an optimal, natural, healthy and comfortable rest .

Of great firmness and intermediate durability . Designed in high quality materials with OEKO TEX and AITEX certificate.


Great adaptability.
Completely ergonomic.
 Good value for money and quality.


🚫 Some users have complained that it is 2 centimeters less than the height described.

Up to what age is it recommended to use a 90 x 190 mattress ?

Age is another great influencer when choosing a mattress, as back pain and other discomforts begin to appear over the years.

In the case of 90 x 190 it is an individual mattress considered the smallest after the crib. Its use is recommended for children who are in full growth or for middle-aged adults who are thin.

To tell the truth, there is no specific age at which you have to stop using this 90 × 190 mattress since it all depends on the circumstances and the thickness of the person, however, if we would have to mention an average age it would be up to 24 years , time in which the body has already fully matured, after that it is best to opt for higher measurements that provide the person with more space and comfort at bedtime.

🚫 Why choose a 90 x 190 mattress?

There are several reasons to choose a 90 x 190 mattress, some of them are:

  • That you look for a children’s mattress that is in full growth and is no longer of the age to sleep on a crib-size mattress; or for a middle-aged youth .
  • Also if your room is small , it is best to opt for a 90 x 190 mattress with a mattress of the same measurements, so that it does not take up too much space and fit other furniture in the bedroom, or it can be simply one of the single mattresses .
  • That you have a guest bedroom where you can incorporate bunk beds or sofa beds.

If you still do not know which mattress to buy,  you can check our article about the best mattress

On the other hand, if you want to keep your mattress in good condition, the best option is to use a   mattress protector .

Cheap 90 × 190 mattresses

A very important factor before choosing a mattress is the budget you have , and although it is not highly recommended to choose to buy cheap mattresses, since they are usually of low quality. The price of 90 × 190 mattresses is usually a bit high, even so there are very famous brands that work with excellent materials, which can offer you offers of 90 × 190 mattresses that have a long useful life.

In addition, in online stores you can get mattress offers , and the vast majority of the mattresses that we have shown you in this article have an excellent price and quality. 

🚫 Where to get the best mattresses on offer 90 × 190

There are different stores where you can buy mattresses on sale, but the one we recommend the most is the Amazon web port , since it is the one with the best reputation and the highest reliability and security.

Through this online platform you can evaluate the characteristics of each mattress , as well as compare the opinions of the different users who have already invested in buying it, you can also see images that will show you how the product looks and the best thing is that you can get mattresses on sale 90 x 190, and in most cases, save the shipping costs for being free

What are the prices of 90 × 190 mattresses?

In the market you can get different prices for mattresses 90 x 190. It all depends on the material, the design and of course the quality that it has. However, you can generally get mattress prices from € 82.98 to € 299.25, which are quite affordable. So you can have the best 90 × 190 mattress without investing a lot of money.