5 Best 80 × 200 Mattresses | Mattress Guide

Choosing the best 80 × 200 mattress can be complicated with so many options on the market, luckily we have developed a ranking with the 5 80 × 200 mattresses best valued by users so that you do not have to waste time or money looking for others sites.

Rest is the main thing, that is why it is necessary to find a mattress that can adapt to your needs, but since we all have different rest requirements, how do you know which is the best 80 × 200 mattress? To make it easier, our top has an analysis of each of the mattresses, so that you can know their characteristics, their pros and cons and thus make a better decision.

But if after looking at our list you still have doubts about which one to choose, you can review the buying guide that we have prepared and know exactly what are those characteristics that are best for you depending on your needs and your way of sleeping. We want you to get the rest you deserve, so below we guide you so that you can find the best 80 × 200 mattress.

Analysis of the Best 80 × 200 Mattresses of this year

There are many factors involved in the break and one of them is choosing a good mattress, therefore, to find the one for you, we have studied a lot of models and brands, with which we present below, the best rated by users.

1. Naturalex | Perfectsleep | 80 × 200 mattress

We start our ranking with one of the most accessible 80 × 200 mattresses on the market, so if you don’t have such a large budget , you can opt for the Naturalex Perfectsleep mattress , which, in addition to a good price, has great resistance and adaptability.

mattress 80x200

This model is designed for active people who practice sports and need a mattress that can provide them with complete rest. It is made with layers of memory foam that, combined with HQ Blue Latex technology, makes it very adaptable to the body and eliminates tension in the back and muscles, creating a relaxing effect. For its part, the polyurethane core is quite resistant, providing firmness and preventing the surface from deforming due to the weight

It is a well-balanced mattress, it is not very firm or too soft and as it has 7 rest areas , it distributes the weight well so that the spine remains aligned and you can rest throughout the night. It is quite breathable and includes treatments against mites, bacteria, mold and other allergy-producing agents.


If you want a high quality mattress , but you don’t have much money, you can decide on this option, since it is quite accessible


 It does not deform with weight.

✅ Good perspiration.

✅ It is silent.

✅ Affordable price.


🚫It requires 24 hours of rest.

🚫 Loses a bit of density.

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2. DORMIDEO – Elixir Viscoelastic Mattress

It is a fairly simple model without ostentatious finishes , but with features highly valued by users. The Viscoelastic Elixir mattress from Dormide can give you a good rest, especially if you like firm bases.

mattress 80x200

Its structure includes an eliocel core that allows it to be very resistant and firm, a feature that you can take advantage of if you have a lot of weight or if you tend to have back pain frequently, since it helps to keep your back in a good position thus alleviating discomfort. In addition, it has very good breathability, so it can be combined with any foundation without absorbing heat.

This memory foam mattress is designed to be used throughout the year, which is why it has a layer for summer and another for winter, allowing it to be comfortable even when the season changes and there are variations in temperature. It has a fairly soft texture on its surface thanks to the layers of memory foam with Supersoft and as its materials have hypoallergenic treatment, you don’t have to worry if you have skin sensitivity or suffer from allergies.

Like the previous one, its price is not very high , so it is an excellent option if you want to make a quality purchase at a low cost. In addition, this sleeping mattress is available in other sizes such as the 90 × 190 mattress   or the 90 × 200 mattress .


Low price.

 Summer and winter face.

 Pretty firm.

Compatible with all bases.


🚫It may lose some density.

🚫 The finishes are simple.

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3. Dibapur Visco Relax Orthopaedic Visco + Cold Foam Mattress 

If you want a mattress with superior features and a not too expensive price, you should take into account the Bio Natur Fresh 30 mattress from HOGAR24 , since it has the technology you need to get a complete rest throughout the night.

mattresses 80x200

This mattress is especially indicated for people who suffer from back and neck pain , although if this is not your case, it can also provide you with an excellent rest. It has a high-density HR core that combined with the layers of Viscoelastic and Viscosoft provides firmness and adaptability so that you can sleep with a straight back and wake up without tension in the muscles.

Its design integrates 7 rest areas that help to distribute the weight of the body so that the mattress does not deform and remains comfortable over time. In addition, it is reversible so you can use it in summer and winter, while its padding is breathable and is treated against mites, mold, bacteria and humidity, making it extremely hygienic and healthy.

This high-end mattress is a good option for sleeping alone or with a partner, since it has good support and does not make noise when you move while you sleep . Its price is not very high.


Affordable price.

✅ Good absorption of movements.

✅ Reversible design.

High firmness.


🚫 It smells the first days.

🚫 It must rest for at least 24 hours.

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4. Imperial Deluxe Viscografen Mattress

What makes this model stand out from the rest is that it has a very good reception and is very breathable, so if you are one of those who sweat when sleeping and need a mattress that can stay cool even on the hottest days, you should consider the Imperial Deluxe Viscografen Mattress .

cheap 80x200 mattresses

It is made with a super-nature core that has good resistance and makes it a high firmness mattress , so your back can rest on a soft surface with good support at the same time. It also includes layers of Visocografen which makes it very breathable and does not absorb body heat .

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In addition to having treatment against mites, dust, fungi and bacteria, it includes a system that eliminates the electrostatic charge of the body allowing you to sleep throughout the night, something that you appreciate if you have a hectic life or you usually practice a sport that and you need to recharge. To start a new day

The good thing about buying this graphene mattress is that you get a product with advanced features usually seen in high-end mattresses without having to pay too much for it.


It is very comfortable.

✅ Affordable price.

 Does not absorb heat.

High density.


🚫 Loses a bit of density.

🚫 It can become deformed over time.

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5. Sleep Online – Memory Foam Mattress

Finally, the Online memory foam mattress closes our top for being comfortable, adaptable and economical. It has advanced features so it is an excellent option if you are looking for a durable mattress that is not made with toxic substances.

mattress 80x200

The structure of this individual mattress   is made up of a high-density HR core that provides firmness and good reception, as well as a viscoelastic padding with biogel and gel capsules that give it softness and good breathability. If you sweat a lot when sleeping and need a fresh mattress, you will love this model because its materials are totally breathable.

It is a very comfortable and comfortable mattress, a good alternative if you suffer from back problems , since it is firm, but adaptable. On its surface it has a premium fabric with hypoallergenic treatment and a soft texture so you can rest throughout the night. It also provides great freedom of movement, so it is a good option if you sleep as a couple or move a lot at night.

You should consider this mattress if you are looking for a complete sleep free of toxic substances and without having to pay too much for it.


Good value for money and quality.

 High firmness.

 Hypoallergenic treatment.

Very comfortable.


🚫 It is not reversible.

🚫 Not suitable for heavy people.

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