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If you are looking for the best 120 × 190 mattresses, but among so many models you don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry, because in this article we bring you a list of the best options for this year.

What is the Best 120 × 190 Mattress?

Although many brands launch mattresses with similar characteristics, the models that you will see below stand out from the competition because they incorporate an incomparable level of comfort.

Also at the end of this article, we will give you some tips to effectively assess the quality of mattresses of these dimensions, so you will be more satisfied with your purchase because it will be adapted to your needs.

Analysis of the Best Selling 120 × 190 Mattresses

Naturalex Aura  Perfect Shape Support Memory Foam Mattress  Size 140×190 cm

We start the list with a model designed to relieve your back. It integrates the Blue Latex system, which is composed of a micro-bee structure, which makes the mattress adapt to your body easily.

7 different rest areas on its surface, a quality that provides a mode of relaxation to each part of your bod

This latex mattress is designed with independent beds, which is a system that makes the movements produced on one side of the bed not sit on the other end so that if you move a lot while sleeping, your partner will not bill.

y independently. This feature is perfect if you suffer from low back or muscle pain, helping you release tension.


✅  It is quite light.

✅  Easy to transport.

✅  It comes vacuum-packed.

✅  It is antiallergic and prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

✅  Avoid the appearance of bad odors due to sweat.


🚫 Being 16 cm thick and of medium hardness, it is not recommended to support a lot of weight.

🚫 It does not have as much durability as other models.

 Boston 120X190 Viscoelastic Mattress

The Boston brand 120 × 190 mattress comes with a stretch-type outer layer with an extra soft texture, and black and white woven side edges, with handcrafted handles for easy portability.

Internally it is made up of foam with antiallergic and antibacterial properties, which also admits air circulation inside, which will guarantee you cool nights, free of mites, and will prevent the appearance of fungi and bad odors for many years.

n addition to this, it has a high-perspiration profiled foam top cover, which is covered with a viscoelastic fabric, a special quality if you live in a hot place, as it will prevent you from having bad sweat when sleeping, regulating your body temperature. .

It also has a height of approximately 22 cm, since when it is vacuum rolled, this measurement can vary a couple of centimeters. Even so, it continues to have excellent quality and being of medium hardness


✅  It can be transported easily.

✅  It is long-lasting.

✅  Prevents the appearance of bacteria, mites and bad odors in the long term.

✅  It has orthopedic properties.

✅  It Comes vacuum rolled.


🚫 Being a medium-hard mattress, its effectiveness may vary depending on the weight of the person.

🚫 Not recommended for slatted beds

Dormideo – ELIXIR Memory Foam Mattress

Currently, the Dormideo brand Elixir mattress is considered the 120 × 190 mattresses with the best value for money , since this product integrates supersoft technology, which is composed of a viscoelastic layer on the surface, which provides such comfort that many users They have described it as “sleeping on a cloud.”

It is an eliogel mattress, whose construction gives greater firmness and resistance than other competitive models. This means that no matter what your weight is, the Elixir mattress will not warp or sag after many years of use.

The base of this model is made with a 3D fabric, which is a special fabric that provides better breathability, and if high temperatures reach where you live, the mattress will keep you as cool as possible so you can sleep peacefully.

Expanding this point a little more, one side of the mattress has a viscosoft cover and TNT fabric, which can concentrate heat, excellent for winter. The flip side, as we have already explained, is designed for hot climates, giving you cool and relaxing nights.


✅  It is a reversible mattress.

✅  Gently adapts to your body.

✅  It has a low weight.

✅  Perfect for any type of person regardless of their weight.

✅  It is economical for the characteristics it has.


🚫 Not recommended for articulated beds.

🚫 It is less soft than other mattresses on the market.

Dormideo Thunder Viscoelastic Mattress

We could say that this Dormideo Thunder mattress is designed not to be affected by environmental conditions and dirt, as it is designed with antiallergic and antibacterial materials, which means that it is totally free of mites. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, the best purchase you can make is this product.

Manufacturers have given priority to hygienic qualities since it is OEKOTEX certified, this means that throughout the manufacturing process, no material is exposed to elements that are toxic or harmful to health.


✅  Lightweight and easy to assemble.

✅ It can work perfectly on beds with trundles, mattresses, or upholstered bases.

✅  Prevents the appearance of bad odors, mites, dirt, and other microorganisms.

✅  3D fabric that increases the perspiration of the product.

✅  High resistance.


🚫It can be very soft for some users.

🚫 The thickness of the mattress may vary.

Aspects to take into account when buying a 120 × 190 cm mattress

Having known the best double mattresses of this year, it is normal that you have certain doubts that make you question their quality. But do not worry, since we will tell you several things that you should take into account and thus have a greater criterion when buying.

Another option of a double mattress that may interest you is the high-end mattress since they are ideal for greater comfort as a couple.

On the other hand, so that your mattress is in good condition for much longer, we recommend using a mattress protector, check our analysis and choose the most suitable for your mattress.

Properties and functions

You should know that a mattress can have several of these functions, or failing that, all of them. Therefore, it is very important that you read the specifications well before buying it.

They are a type of mattress that presents great flexibility, despite having different hardnesses. In addition, these products are rolled and vacuum-sealed, although this quality has its advantages and disadvantages.

Its greatest benefit is that, since it can be compacted in a box, it can be transported more easily, which can reduce the cost of shipping. In addition, they are usually lighter than a pocket spring mattress.

Once you buy the product, you take it out of the wrapper and place it on the bed, and the density of it will increase little by little, you must wait at least 24 hours before going to bed, so you must be a little patient.

On rare occasions, the final thickness of the mattress may be less than expected, it may vary by a couple of centimeters, although this will not necessarily affect its performance and quality.

Antibacterial and antiallergic properties

If you’ve ever suffered from mite bites, you surely know how annoying it can be. For this reason, in recent years many companies have chosen to add antibacterial and antiallergic qualities to their products.

This is really very good, especially if you have sensitive skin. Therefore, when you want to buy a new mattress, make sure it has this function.

– Memory Foam Mattresses

These models have the particularity that, in addition to having a foam core, they have a top cover with special materials that provide a fluffy and extra soft sensation, something similar to sleeping on a giant pillow or, as many users say, it feels like sleeping in the clouds.

In addition, a viscoelastic cover allows better air circulation, something perfect if you live in hot climates since it will always be cool and will help to some extent to regulate your body temperature.

Reversible mattresses

They are able to adapt to different climatic conditions. Each side has certain materials that can improve the sensations when you are in cold or very hot weather.

When making the purchase, you must identify which side will be at the top and which matches the existing environmental conditions.

Ecological Mattresses

A word is known to all, but what does it really mean? In the case of mattress production, this can determine both the materials used, whether they are recyclable or of plant origin

In the case of its manufacturer. The CO2 emissions that it can generate are taken into account, and the less the better. If as a buyer you give priority to making a responsible and environmentally friendly purchase, this factor will help you make the best decision.


Not all people have the same tastes when it comes to mattress hardness, therefore, manufacturers have been in charge of offering models with different levels, which are low, medium and high.

Generally, 120 × 190 cm mattresses have a firmness equal to or greater than the average, so it can guarantee a longer life, that is, it will last more years without deforming.

It should be noted that, if your weight is greater than 90 kg, it is best to buy a model with high hardness, so you can buy a product that will not disappoint you and will last for many years.

Orthopedic properties

If you regularly suffer from a lot of stress and have back pain, orthopedic mattresses are best for you. Generally, these models have a hardness between medium and high, they are designed to eliminate pressure points in your body.

These mattresses are perfect for people with spinal problems and older adults.

 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Do all mattresses work for any bed?

No, depending on the hardness and characteristics of the mattress, it may have greater durability. For example, if you have a bed with a box spring or similar structures, it is not recommended that you buy mattresses less than 20 cm.

How long do I have to wait to release a vacuum-sealed mattress?

As a general rule, you should wait 24 hours before getting into bed. If you do it before the estimated time, it may not work correctly.

How much weight can a mattress hold?

That will depend on the height, with a thickness of up to 30 cm it can work perfectly for two people with a normal weight. If users weigh more than 90 kg, it is best to buy a taller one.


When you go to choose a mattress, the best you can do is look at all the features that we have mentioned, remember that it is not necessary to spend so much money to have a quality product.

We hope this article has helped you. Well, do you already have an idea of ​​which is the best mattress for you?