Aloe vera pillow for better sleep | Mattress Guide

The choice of the pillow is important as we have seen on other occasions. Among the wide range of possibilities to choose from, we are going to find a type of pillow with somewhat special properties. This is the aloe vera pillow.

Every pillow consists basically of two parts, the filling and the cover that covers it. They usually also include an additional cover that can be removed for washing comfortably. The aloe vera pillow is treated with this plant in some or all of its parts, to take advantage of its great properties.

In addition, there are people who say they have perceived a substantial improvement in their stress level with the use of products containing aloe vera. Either ingested or applied topically or through accessories such as the aloe vera pillow.

Aloe vera pillow properties

To know the benefits that an aloe vera pillow can bring us, we must know the properties of this plant. It is a medicinal plant whose use is focused on the treatment of living organisms: people, animals, plants …

Beneficial for the skin

Aloe vera is known for its cosmetic properties. Thanks to its antibacterial and regenerating characteristics. It thus helps prevent premature aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. It is also a plant with great healing and antiseptic properties.

Beneficial for hair

Aloe vera has been shown to aid in hair growth. It also helps improve hair dryness and nourish hair quality.

Help with respiratory problems

Cough or shortness of breath when there is a cold are noticeably improved with this plant. Its application on the pillow can therefore have benefits when it comes to sleeping better.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The fatty acids contained in aloe vera extract help reduce inflammation in various parts of the body. This plant is also a source of salicylic acid and salicylates.


And we cannot finish this guide without some brief recommendations on how to take care of your pillow so that it lasts as long as possible, in the best possible condition.

Protect your pillow with a pillowcase. This may seem obvious, but many sleepers are not yet aware of it. And is that if we protect our mattress with a mattress cover to prevent liquids, sweat or even bacteria from penetrating the inner layers, why don’t we see just as important to protect our pillow? Especially when the core of the pillow is much less protected than that of a mattress, and many times, factors as common as the sweat of the face or saliva put our pillow to the test every night. In the market there are many. Some of them, such as Tencel, with a breathable-waterproof treatment, are very soft, fully protect the pillow and also allow you to sleep directly on the protector, as if it were a conventional pillowcase.

Wash the pillowcase regularly. If you use a protector, you will be able to wash it less often, since you are creating a physical barrier against mites and other elements that can put the hygiene of your pillow at risk. Even so, getting a removable pillow , whose cover is machine washable, will allow you to sanitize your sleeping equipment as regularly as you need in a comfortable and effective way.