7 Benefits to invest in a good quality mattress

If you are looking for a new and good quality mattress, you will notice the wide variety of models of different ranges and prices they cover. Taking into account the daily use that we give to the mattress, we must always opt more for certain categories of good qualities. However, the same question still often comes to mind:  is it really worth investing in a high-end mattress? Learn about the 7 benefits to invest in a good quality mattress.


The lifespan of a mattress is 10 years, which is equivalent to more than 3,650 nights with an average of 7 hours per night sleeping on it. We have to bear in mind that the strength and resistance of the elements that compose it lose strength with use. When we buy a high-end mattress, we are really buying good materials and their best qualities to have the product almost like the first day. For example, the best pocket spring mattresses often have reinforcements to maintain their properties. A good mattress would be the Invictus mattress from King Konfort , since it uses HR of 30Kg as a perimeter reinforcement to maintain all the properties of its layers for much longer.

Improve our health

Surely you have heard the phrase “investing in rest is investing in health” on more than one occasion. The most notable benefit when we sleep on a good mattress is the quality of our health. Believe it or not, our daily sleep is very important to have a healthy life. A daily rest in good conditions reduces the chances of suffering from cardiovascular problems such as diabetes, among others.

Pikolin was based on this premise to create its range of Smart Pik mattresses These mattresses incorporate a bluetooth system that connects to the mobile device and reports our sleep data through a bracelet. By having this data recorded, it helps us create healthy sleep habits and improve our health.

Sleep without interruptions

Micro-awakenings prevent us from falling asleep again and make it difficult for our daily sleep to be restorative. One of the reasons for these micro-awakenings originates from the transmission of the movements of our partner. When we sleep on a good mattress, high-quality materials help to create an environment with total independence from beds to avoid this problem. The Royal mattress by Sonpura is one of the mattresses with the most bed independence on the market, due to its large number of pocket springs in the core.

Materials that facilitate a better reception, such as King Konfort’s soft-sensitive memory foam will help us sleep throughout the night  The soft-sensitive is a viscoelastic reactive to body temperature and allows better movement at night without having to interrupt our sleep.

Against mites and bacteria

Excess contact with mites, bacteria and fungi can create respiratory allergies. For this reason, the high quality of the materials of the high-end mattresses facilitates perspiration and prevents the appearance of these harmful microorganisms. The Bit by Bultex mattress is perfect for its high hygienic protection thanks to the Total Barrier system. If you want to know more about the different hygienic systems of mattresses, you can see it in our article.

Perfect temperature

The hot weather during the summer can really be torture for those who sweat excessively. Trying to rest can be impossible. King Konfort’s visco-gel and visco-graphene mattress treatments were created to help create a perfect temperature during our sleep. Visco-graphene helps to dissipate the excess temperature that our body provides during the night. The visco-gel on the other hand offers a sensation of freshness and breathability of the mattress. The Flex WBx 300 mattress is an ideal mattress to create a rest at the perfect temperature.

Wide variety of mattresses

It doesn’t matter if you like spring-core mattresses or prefer memory foam mattresses. Or if you enjoy resting on a very soft mattress or want to sleep on a rock-firm mattress. The high-end mattresses have a wide variety of mattresses to cover all the different tastes of rest.

Good humor

One of the characteristics most visible to the naked eye is the good mood of people who rest on a good mattress. By sleeping correctly on a quality mattress, the level of stress that we may have accumulated throughout the day is reduced and allows us to have enough energy to face a new day. All these benefits result in a good awakening, a better mood and greater tranquility.

Do you sleep or rest?

As our motto says, sleeping is not the same as resting, because we can sleep almost anywhere, but resting will only be achieved with a mattress that adapts to your needs. If you are sleeping but what you need is to rest, do not hesitate, at Konfort Sueños we can make you invest in yourself so that you can rest.

Now is the perfect time to invest in a good mattress.