5 Best 150 × 200 Mattresses | Mattress Guide

Looking for the best 150 x 200 mattresses that can help you fall asleep that you want so much?

This is not a decision that you should make lightly. However, online there are so many brands and models of mattresses that in the end they will all look the same to you. But that is not true, here we want to help you avoid making a mistake and wasting time.

You don’t have to spend hours looking between mattresses. For you, we have prepared a special guide in which we analyze 5 of the best 150 × 200 mattress models. We give you a direct and honest explanation of the characteristics of each one.

Here are 5 Best 150 × 200 Mattresses.

Keep reading. With the information that we share below, you can make a detailed comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of each mattress, in this way you can discard those that do not serve you, and you will make a correct choice.

Let’s go there, when you finish reading this guide you will not only know better about mattresses, but you will have made the decision to buy the ideal one for you. Your comfort is our goal.

These are the best 5 150 × 200 mattresses that we analyze for you

1. Pikolin Egeo – Memory foam mattress

The Egeo Pikolin model is a good quality mattress that offers medium / low firmness, ideal if you are a person of normal weight or if you have children, since it will not feel so rigid. However, we do not recommend this model if you are someone with more weight or are looking for a more rigid firmness than normal.

This memory foam mattress is made with Conforcel cellular foam, which provides many benefits for your well-being. Its flexibility is adequate to keep your spine in the most ideal position, which will help you with back pain. It is also designed so that both sides are independent, that is, if you sleep with someone else the movement should not affect the other person.

The materials of this make it a hygienic mattress, it prevents the formation of bacteria, mites and fungi, thanks to the fact that it is a memory foam mattress, it reduces humidity and odors. This is a great advantage if you are a person who spends a lot of time away from home, this way you will prevent what you bring from abroad from sticking to your mattress.

Few are the disadvantages that can be found to the Aegean Pikolin. However, even if the mattress height is said to be 24 cm, it is very possible that it will only reach 21 cm. The mattress comes packaged and once it is opened it needs to be left outside for a couple of hours for the air to enter and take shape, but many of them do not reach up to 24 cm. Take this into account if you want a higher surface to sleep on.


Hygienic material that prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi.

 The surface adapts to the shape of the body and recovers its shape.

 There is no need to flip it.

The viscoelastic material regulates the temperature.


🚫It can be very soft for people of a certain weight.

🚫 Height is 21cm , not 24cm .

2. FLEX Nube Visco Gel

With a set of pocket springs covered by a bag to act as independent shock absorbers, the FLEX Nube Visco Gel is a mattress with the ability to absorb weight, and also movement so that it is not transmitted over the entire surface of the mattress. This will benefit you if you sleep with someone else, so the movements won’t bother either of you.

The feature that stands out the most about the Nube Visco Gel spring mattress is a viscoelastic layer formed with gel, this gives it a surface that adapts to the person’s body, which in turn provides a feeling of comfort and freshness.

However, this characteristic of the flex mattress is at the same time a disadvantage, it is not a mattress for everyone. We do not recommend it for heavy people. What the weight will do is compromise the integrity of the gel, which causes that after a while of use, the surface of the mattress does not regain its shape, and it will look sunken. Take it into account because you may think that your purchase was not worth it.


Surface that adapts to the body.

 Ideal for light people.

 Composed of several inner layers to give a cloud effect.


🚫 It is not suitable for heavy people.

🚫 Over time the surface may not regain its shape.

3. Imperial Relax – Viscografen Mattress

In relation to value for money, the Imperial Relax is one of the best that we can recommend. It offers excellent comfort for a price that does not reach € 250. If you are looking for something affordable, we tell you not to do it anymore.

Of course, the design of the surface makes it a firm mattress which will be uncomfortable if you are not used to a medium firmness, even so, it offers comfort thanks to the quality design and the materials that compose it.

To begin with, it is a  graphene mattress , this material is capable of suppressing the static that the human body accumulates during the day, in this way you will feel more relaxed and can rest the hours that are necessary without problems. It is also breathable, which means that air can circulate between the layers of the mattress, this will prevent odors and excessive accumulation of dust.

Besides that, the materials are anti-allergic. If you are a person who has problems due to the accumulation of dust and mites in your bed, this mattress may be the solution, allowing you to get a better rest free of allergies. On the other hand, it is available in individual sizes such as the

Although this anti-mite mattress has an ergonomic design, so that the mattress moves with the body and avoid resistance, this also makes it prone to deforming on the sides, but this would not be noticed until after a while and it will also depend a lot of the person’s weight.


Good value for money.

 Hygienic, the air circulates between the layers and prevents allergies.

 Both sides are independent so that movements are not transmitted throughout the mattress.


🚫 Medium firmness.

🚫 Possibility of deformation of the sides.

4. Marcapiuma – Latex Mattress

Marcapiuma is a quality mattress made with 100% natural latex, it is 18 cm thick, which may be a little deficient in some models, but it does not detract from the comfort that it is able to offer for a proper rest.

You have an orthopedic mattress here, so it is very appropriate for children with spinal problems or older people with certain lumbar discomfort. The main material of the surface is composed of a 16 cm latex block, which prevents the accumulation of bacteria and dust. With this latex mattress you don’t have to worry about waking up with nose discomfort or eye irritation.

It is designed in such a way that it has a density of 65 Kg, composed of 7 support areas at the edges and a reinforced core. However, this does not sacrifice ergonomics, not only does it conform to the body, but it can distribute weight to relieve pressure areas and improve spinal alignment. This will help you sleep in a more natural way.


An affordable price for what it offers.

 Surface that adapts to the shape of the body.

 Ergonomic and hypoallergenic.

It is reversible, one side for winter and one for summer.


🚫 Medium firmness.

🚫 18 cm thick, not recommended if you want more height.

5. SLEEPING – Elixir Viscoelastic Mattress

Our last recommendation is the one with the cheapest price. This Viscoelastic Elixir DORMIDEO mattress is capable of providing comfort on both sides. It has a side for summer, made with 3D material, which allows better breathability and freshness to sleep more comfortable in hot weather. Then you have the winter side, composed of 3 cm of Visco Soft and TNT fabric, which helps to better conserve the natural heat of the body.

The foam is dense, if you are someone who likes a firm surface to sleep on, you will definitely like it. On the contrary, it will be hard for you if you are used to softer mattresses, and it will take a few days to adjust to be able to feel the comfort it offers.

However, you have to keep in mind that it is not the best quality you will find on the market. Over time the deformations on the surface will be noticeable, and these will take longer to recover their shape. If you want it to retain its shape for many years, we do not recommend it for daily use or for heavy people.


The price is the most affordable.

 Face for winter and summer, both designed with materials for each season.


🚫 Medium firmness.

🚫 Over time and excessive use it can deform.

🚫 Buying guide: What should you take into account to buy the best 150 × 200 mattress for you?

A mattress should meet your needs, for that you need to ask certain questions that will help you choose one with the correct characteristics.

Maintaining your mattress is important, so you will be interested in seeing our article on the mattress protector .

If you are looking for the best mattress to relieve your pain, in this case we recommend using a   cervical pillow .

🚫 Firmness

Do you prefer a soft or firm mattress? This is very important. This you should consider for several reasons. While you are used to something soft, it will take a few days to adjust to a harder surface, but you will. However, if the opposite is the case, it is uncomfortable to feel yourself sinking.

Also consider the weight. A mattress with medium / low firmness tends to be more suitable for heavy people, who can break the tension of the mattress a bit. On the other hand, for someone light, softness is more ideal.

You can’t ignore lower back problems and pain either, if you suffer from any of these, you need to find out which one suits you best.

🚫 Hypoallergenic

We all have allergies, and in your case, if you have problems with dust and mites, you need the material of your mattress to prevent the accumulation of both. You can’t ignore the humidity either, in the long run it produces fungus which also leads to allergies.

Mattresses made of breathable material solve this very well, the air circulates between the layers, which prevents odors and sweat from accumulating in the foam.

🚫 Height

Keep this in mind, it is convenient for you that the mattress you buy comes vacuum sealed, not only will it be better preserved, but it will not have accumulated dust.

Of course, do not forget that you need to leave it outside for a few hours so that the air enters and recovers its thickness. However, most of them don’t grow up to the specs. Keep this in mind, because if you like to sleep at a certain height it may be necessary to buy one with a couple of centimeters more so that you do not feel that you sleep very low.

🚫 Ergonomics

The surface of a mattress has to adapt to the shape of the body and at the same time move with it, these two factors are important so that there is no resistance and the body can rest better. In turn, it helps a better circulation in the blood avoiding pressure points, which is why you can wake up with certain colors or asleep limbs.

❓ Where can you buy the best mattresses with dimensions 150 × 200?

Our best recommendation so that you can take advantage of good offers and save some money, while buying a quality mattress, is Amazon. The 5 models that we have analyzed in this guide are from there, and if you are lucky you can buy them with a certain discount.


More expensive does not mean better, and there is no doubt that after reading our guide it has become clear to you which mattress to buy . The  best mattress   for you is the one that responds correctly to your needs, and perhaps that means spending a little more. But we already said it at the beginning, this is your dream, you should not take it lightly.

We hope we have helped you in your choice, many people always opt for a generic mattress, but you can make a purchase with which you will be satisfied.