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Are You looking for   best 140-x-200-mattressesBuying the most expensive brand of mattresses is not the solution for you. If you do not want to waste time looking at dozens of models and brands, while reading all their characteristics, then you should keep reading.

This is a guide that we have prepared for you, because our goal is for you to make a quick decision. For this reason, we put together some 140 × 200 mattress models, the best on the market. Here, we will thoroughly analyze each of the 5 mattresses that you will see below, we will talk about their main characteristics and why they may or may not be good for you.

What is the Best 140 × 200 Mattress?

We will be direct with you, that way you can make your own comparison according to the advantages and disadvantages that we will give you in each of the cases. Your ideal mattress must meet what you need and with this guide we want you to find it.

Let’s start at once, with the information that you will read now, you will only need a few minutes to make a final decision, and make a purchase with which you will be satisfied.

These are 5 of the best 140 × 200 mattress models

1. Naturalex Perfect sleep – Memory Foam Mattress

As an alternative for a good rest, the Perfecsleep Naturalex model is among the most recommended in terms of value for money. Now let’s see if it has what it takes for you.

mattress 140x200

To begin with, it has a surface that adapts well to the shape of the body thanks to its HQ Blue technology, offering different levels of firmness depending on the area of ​​the body. For you, this not only means a better rest, but your spine will be better aligned, which will save you back pain in the morning.

It is a model with an ergonomic design, it combines the 7 rest areas with a core composed of a high-density fiber. This is an advantage because it allows you to be more stable and better disperse the pressure, in this way your weight is distributed to avoid that it accumulates too much in one area and over time it sinks. It is a durable mattress.

One of its most notable characteristics of this memory foam mattress is breathability. It is built with 3D fabric, which offers good air circulation that provides a feeling of freshness during the summer. On the winter side, you have a thicker and more comfortable surface to better preserve the temperature.

It can be very soft for some people, especially in the center, which is where there is less resistance so that the hips rest better. If you are used to above-average level firmness, it will take a few days to get used to. On the other hand, the thickness of the mattress will not be the same as specified once it is removed.


 Affordable price for a memory  foam mattress.✅  Face for winter and summer.

✅  Surface that adapts to the body and offers stability.


🚫They may be a couple of centimeters thick.

2. DORMIDEO Elixir – Viscoelastic Mattress

If you are interested in a large mattress with a good level of firmness, the DORMIDEO Elixir can give you what you are looking for.

cheap 140x200 mattress

For starters, it is an eliocel foam mattress, this high-density foam gives the mattress good support. The problem is that for people not used to certain stiffness it can be quite hard, and it would take them days to adapt. This is compensated a bit by 2 cm of memory foam material to add more comfort, only that sometimes it may not be enough, so our recommendation is that you keep looking if you cannot sleep with a medium firmness.

It has two faces, one for summer and the other for winter, both designed appropriately for each season of the year. For the hot season, the summer side has 3D fabric, which provides great breathability so that the air circulates better. On the other hand, body temperature is better preserved by having a thicker material.

DORMIDEO – Elixir Viscoelastic Mattress – Reversible …

Reversible Summer side / Winter side; Winter side: 3cm Visco Soft + TNT fabric / Summer side: 3D fresh Gel fabric

The specified height of this sleeping mattress is 24 cm, however, in vacuum sealed mattresses this is lost when opened. So the actual height will end up being about 21 cm, take that into account because you may want to buy a thicker model if you are looking for a high mattress.


✅  Surface adaptable to the boy.✅  Face for winter and summer.


🚫It is hard for people not used to certain stiffness.🚫 It does  not reach 24 cm.

🚫Not recommended for very heavy people.

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3. Inofia Viscoelastic Spring Mattress

If you are already tired of morning back pain, the Inofia memory foam mattress can solve it, since its design is intended to relieve pressure and the bad position of your spine.

pocket springs mattress 140x200

This is thanks to the springs, they are distributed along 7 rest areas. Its surface is capable of adapting to the shape of the spine and balancing it to acquire a more appropriate posture at bedtime. With this you will avoid spinal pain due to a bad position. Its ergonomics ideally adjust to the shape and weight of the person, offering the necessary firmness to relieve both pressure and tension on the muscles.

The top of this spring mattress is made of a thick layer of 3D fabric, which means that it is breathable and air can circulate freely between the layers. While you sleep the mattress is ventilated to give you a feeling of freshness while absorbing and removing moisture from the body. This way the mattress remains odor-free.

At first it is difficult to accustom the body to a mattress of this style, keep in mind that it will take at least a couple of weeks for the body to adapt to a new mattress, so if you get to feel very hard let them pass the days.


✅  Relieves back pain by offering stability.✅  Breathable.

✅  Durable.


🚫Does not reach the set thickness.🚫You  need to get used to the surface.

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4. Bio Natur Fresh

A mattress with a firmness above the average can be beneficial for people with problems of the hips and certain pain. The Bio Natur Fresh offers you an optimal construction of an orthopedic mattress to ensure a more ideal rest. However, we do not recommend it if you do not suffer from back problems, since its hardness will be very uncomfortable.

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The design of the double mattress  is open pore, this means that possible pressure points in the rest areas are eliminated. This is beneficial for several reasons, the blood circulation improves, so you will not wake up with numb limbs, it ensures that you move less and thus adopt a bad position. Ensures a natural posture for optimal sleep.

The layers have complete protection to prevent dust and mites from accumulating, not to mention its breathability which absorbs and removes moisture from the body, which prevents the formation of fungi and bad odors. If you suffer from allergies, it guarantees you a comfortable sleep.

Their winter and summer faces are ideally designed for the seasons. The winter side has 4 cm of memory foam to offer more comfort and preserve the temperature. While the summer side has 2 cm of viscosoft foam for better air circulation.

Although the height is 30 cm, it becomes only 26 cm, take that into account if you want a higher mattress. On the other hand, you may notice a certain deformity after a while, this will depend a lot on the weight of the person.


 Anti- allergic  , anti-mite, anti-fungal.✅  Two faces for winter and summer.

✅  Affordable price for a medium quality.


The actual thickness is 26 cm.🚫Over time the surface may stop taking its shape.

🚫Very hard for people who do not need something orthopedic.

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5. DORMIDEO Thunder – Memory Foam Mattress

Finally, we have a mattress with an acceptable quality for a very affordable price, below  150. The DORMIDEO Thunder model offers good features if you don’t want to spend a lot on memory foam.

cheap mattresses 140x200

Its thickness is 21 cm, however, after taking it out of its bag it only reaches 17 cm more or less, it is a great disadvantage because you can see the need to spend more to buy a thicker mattress that reaches the height you want. In turn, this thickness makes it a soft and soft mattress, which we do not recommend for heavy people or those with back problems.

If it is for a child, it is perfect, because the density of the HR core is not too thick and it supports the weight of a young person well to ensure greater durability. From being constantly subjected to a lot of weight, the deformity can present itself by the first year.

2 cm of Viscoelastic with supersoft .; Height 21cm or 24cm; HR core 25kg density; Damask fabric with breathable TNT with hygienic treatment

One of its advantages of this anti-mite mattress is that the material is breathable, so it gives a certain freshness at bedtime, and this comes in handy during hot weather.


✅  It is one of the cheapest mattresses.

✅  Breathable material.


🚫The maximum thickness becomes about 17 cm.

🚫Not suitable for heavy people.

🚫Possible deformity after a period of use.

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Buying guide: Things to keep in mind when buying the ideal mattress for you

The actual mattress is not always going to be as described in the specifications, so you should have the following when looking for something with the characteristics you want.

Other options that may interest you and help you choose the best mattress are a high-end mattress and a latex mattress .

Also, it is important that you keep your mattress with a   mattress protector , see our article and choose the best one.

On the other hand, if you suffer from cervical pain, it is not only necessary to have the best mattress, there are pillows such as the cervical pillow that can improve your pain.

🚫 Height

Keep in mind that a vacuum sealed mattress will lose a couple of centimeters when opened. If you like to sleep at a certain height, say 12 inches, the mattress will end up being about 11 inches. The solution is to buy a higher mattress at an affordable price. Or, you can spend a little more on something high-quality to ensure that thickness is not lost.

We recommend this if you want a 30 cm mattress, if 20 cm is enough for you, then it is best to buy a 24 cm one. By knowing this, you will avoid the hassle of feeling like you’ve wasted money on a very thin mattress.

🚫 Firmness

If you are used to a low firmness, we recommend that you keep it that way. The same if you know that you sleep better on a more rigid surface. Here the thickness of the mattress will greatly influence, the thicker the greater the firmness it can have. Some compensate for this with a memory foam on the surface for added comfort, but this is not the case for everyone.

On the other hand, a medium firmness onwards is beneficial if you want a solution for your lumbar problems, since it will give more stability to your spine.

🚫 Materials

Do you need a hypoallergenic mattress? Maybe it should also be breathable since you live in a very hot area. Memory foam can do many things and offer a variety of features to ensure optimal sleep.

It is convenient for you to know the benefits of this material, since it is not used with simple mattresses, but in those designed with technology to give a more pleasant experience.

🚫️ Benefits of buying memory foam mattresses

  • It is hypoallergenic, prevents dust, mites and fungi from accumulating.
  • It is breathable, so the air circulates while the person sleeps to regulate the temperature and give a cooler sleep.
  • It can adapt to the shape and curve of the spine, thus adopting a much more natural position that avoids low back pain.
  • It absorbs moisture from the body and eliminates bad odors.
  • A thick layer of memory foam can help maintain body temperature in cold weather.

⁉️ Where can I buy a good 140 × 200 mattress?

We recommend Amazon. There you can not only find mattresses on sale, but you will also have direct contact with the provider to ensure better care. Not to mention, you have an excellent delivery service and a guarantee.


Have you already made a decision? It is important that you know which mattress to buy , that will allow you to rule out which mattress models do not suit you. Among these 5 mattresses you can find the one that adapts to those needs, that is why we have also helped you by telling you how you can choose the correct model.

We hope that our guide has been useful, and that thanks to it you will save time and some money by making you see that you do not need the most expensive mattress, only the one with the value for money that best suits you.